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This D120 is the Largest Mathematically Fair Die Possible

If you lose your mind with anger when you roll your D20 and are then told your “16” doesn’t do any damage, then you probably won’t be able to handle it when your D.M. informs you that your “103” roll was only a glancing blow. Because when you start playing with the largest die mathematically “allowed by Mother Nature,” this D120 (yes, a one hundred and twenty-sided die), your frustration is going to be through the roof.

“Even when you add my strength bonus!”
“You needed a 114.”

d120-colorsMade by The Dice Lab, this injection molded die has 120 faces, each an elongated triangle, and it is “the largest number possible on a mathematically fair die.” (I’m not an engineer or a mathematician, so before you yell at me about a cylinder or a double pyramid, they say that over 100 they don’t really work.)

The D120 is about five centimeters across and can stop fairly quickly if you don’t roll too hard.  The opposite face pairings add up to 121, and the numbering is a “perfect numerical balance,” which means all sorts of combinations of number groups are consistent throughout the die. The important thing about that is the numbers are spread evenly spread out, so big numbers aren’t clumped together for example. Yay math!

You can order one for $12.00 in white, black, red, blue, and green, or all of them for $50.00 from their website. They point out these are much more versatile than they may appear, because they can be “be used as a Dn, where ‘n’ is any proper factor of 120, including all of the dice in a standard seven-dice polyset.”

I’m going to just order all five, because I can’t imagine not throwing one at my D.M.’s head the first time I roll triple digits and find out the stupid Barghest still isn’t dead.

Where does this very cool die rank among your favorites? Roll into our comments and tell us what you think.

Images: The Dice Lab

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