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Make Bacon with a Laser, Because Progress Demands It

What’s the ceiling on how good we can make our bacon? We’ll never know unless we push those boundaries; to know the true height of bacon nirvana, we must push forward into the future. Which is how you end up frying some bacon using a laser.

Posted by Munchies, the video shows an attempt at making bacon using a laser cutting machine in what looks like something that is part experiment, and part just having fun with cool new technology.

Kentaro Fukuchi, a mathematical science professor, said he wanted to “challenge” his idea of “common sense cooking.” Which is exactly how he ended up hacking a laser cutter to fry our favorite food—although the plan was only to cook the fat part, with the red meat left raw to create some contrasting flavors. To help him with this attempt he was joined by Hiroshi Takai, where the two imaged the bacon and programmed the computer to fry it up, future-style. (Note: Is all Japanese bacon so thin and wide? Is that better? Are we not maximizing our bacon experience here? I must know.)

For something that sounds cool but silly there’s actually a lot of great stuff in here about how lasers and computers could be used in the future, including even a look at how they could be utilized to make sushi maki.

So what are the results of the bacon? Well, for one it takes forever to cook with a laser, for lots of reasons, but especially because of how small the laser beam is. Oh, and as Fukuchi says, “It smells like the dentist.”

As for the taste? “It’s bacon.” “It’s bitter.” “It’s odd.” I would still eat it. It is bacon.

What food would you like to cook with a laser? Cook up your best ideas in the comments below.

HT: Sploid
Image: Munchies/YouTube

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