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We May Know What STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Has Planned for Finn

We May Know What STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Has Planned for Finn

For all the fanfare surrounding Rey’s big triumph at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I’m guessing more than a few fans out there were left disappointed that Finn didn’t get to play a bigger role in that triumph. Well, it sounds like Episode VIII will make up for lost time when the former Stormtrooper returns, as we learn in today’s Movie Morsels. We’ve also got the latest on the next Wolverine movie, casting news on Alita: Battle Angel, and more!

Star Wars: Episode VIII


Few major Star Wars characters have seen such a memorable debut so unceremoniously capped as poor Finn in The Force Awakens. After joining the Resistance, he’s injured in battle, and left behind by his newfound friend Rey as she goes off to meet Luke Skywalker at the end of the film. But actor John Boyega’s character returns in Episode VIII, under circumstances reminiscent of Skywalker’s own in The Empire Strikes Back.

According to the usually reliable Making Star Wars, “Medical staff have now placed Finn in a bubble suit (to elaborate, we have it on good authority it is called a bacta suit), to heal his injuries. There is apparently a sequence where Finn is cut or removed from the suit and is revealed to be in better condition than ever before. Shortly after this moment, Finn embarks on a journey that is sure to make him a ‘big deal’ in the Resistance.”

If this info proves true, it supports my theory that just as The Force Awakens took its narrative structure from the original Star Wars, Episode VIII will use that film’s 1980 sequel as inspiration. We already know that Rey will begin training as a Jedi under Luke, just as he once trained under Yoda in Empire, and now it sounds like Finn will follow Luke’s path in Empire of recovering from injuries and immediately going off to lead the Rebels in the Battle of Hoth.

[Making Star Wars]



Snikt! It sounds like Hugh Jackman will have plenty of company in his final go as the short-fused clawed mutant Wolverine in Logan. Boyd Holbrook has joined the production as the evil cyborg mutant-slayer Donald Pierce. Originally, in the comics, a member of the Hellfire Club, the character is now head of security for a company called Transigen. A pic of the actor on set went out yesterday…


A photo posted by @wponx on

Meanwhile, we hear that the child’s hand in the film’s poster (pictured above) belongs to a young mutant girl named Laura, who has two claws (instead of Wolverine’s three) and who is part of a government program similar to the Weapon X project Wolvie underwent. Played by Sienna Novikov, she’s best known to comics fans as X-23. Could she turn out to be a kind of Newt to Logan’s Ripley?

Finally, Richard E. Grant has been cast as Dr. Zander Rice, the scientist behind Transigen, and, in the comics, the creator of X-23. Hmmm…

[The Wrap]

A Monster Calls

Halloween is hanging in the air like so many autumn leaves, so heat up some cider, grab a ginger snap…or just do whatever else you do to relax in October…and enjoy the latest video promo for this year’s most anticipated monster mash, A Monster Calls, starring Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones

I’m getting a major Iron Giant/Pete’s Dragon vibe from this one. But is it just me or does the title creature look an awful lot like Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Groot?

[Focus Features]

Alita: Battle Angel


Here’s a bit of news that may stir up some controversy… James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s manga classic Alita: Battle Angel has signed on X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Lana Condor (a.k.a. Jubilee) for one of its supporting roles. To which I say: I’m sure she’ll be wonderful. The controversial part, however, is that this is the first role in this American take on an Asian tale for which an actual Asian-American actor has cast. The cyborg title star is played by Rosa Salazar (Condor will play her orphan pal Koyomi). Now I’m not saying that Alita has to be Asian, but since the manga comes to us from Japan it would be nice to honor its origins by casting an actor of Asian descent, especially since far too few Asian-Americans are cast in the lead roles of American movies.



Despite lukewarm word of mouth, Suicide Squad emerged as one of this summer’s biggest hits. Though director David Ayer and star Will Smith aren’t waiting for Suicide Squad 2 to work together again. No sir! The two are teaming up for the Netflix fantasy film Bright. Scripted by Max Landis, it concerns a human, played by Smith, who teams up with an Orc (played by Joel Edgerton) to protect a magic wand from all sorts of evil forces. Noomi Rapace co-stars, and the film has just recruited its newest cast member in Mako Mermaids‘ Lucy Fry. The Aussie star will play Tikka, the kindly elf who possesses the wand… No, I can’t believe this is really a Will Smith movie either.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

John Wick 3

Last but not least today… In case you missed it yesterday, we reported that John Wick: Chapter 2 apparently kicks so much ass that director Chad Stahelski has already been asked by the Powers That Be to come up with a third film in the series… Write faster, Chad. Keanu’s not getting any younger!

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

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