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We Can Dig This! THE WARRIORS Reunite for One More Ride Home

The Warriors movie was good. Real good.

The best.

Which is why it’s no surprise fans organized an event this month to celebrate the film, and they had some very special visitors come out to plaa-aayy.

Rolling Stone joined members of the cast as they rode the Q Train back to their home-turf in Coney Island one more time, as Swan, Cochise, Cleon, Vermin and Fox reunited to recreate their epic journey from the 1979 classic movie. Instead of a city full of gangs trying to kill them, the cast only had to deal with age and stairs.

The event, which took place on September 13, featured kids dressed as the Baseball Furies (which sounds like the most adorable gang ever), groups of friends–in their own Warriors vests–that say they came together because of the movie, and tons of devotees with Warriors-related tattoos. One group said they even started their own Warriors “gang” to get kids to join with them instead of real gangs.

“Can you count suckers?” It was 36 years ago that The Warriors was released, and as the cast members noted, the trains were a little different back then, not to mention a little bit easier to reach.

Make sure you head over to watch videos of the ride, as well as hear from fans at the event and interviews with the cast.

What other classic movie would you like to see the cast brought back together to experience one more time? Come out in the comments below while we sit here, just slowly clinking these bottles.

HT: Rolling Stone
Image: Paramount Pictures

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