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Check Out This Awesome Fan Trailer For The WARRIORS Remake

When it comes to ’70s classics, few films can compete with the spectacle that is Walter Hill’s The Warriors, an ugly, yet beautiful film about a group of friends who try to survive the night on the ruthless streets of New York City after being falsely accused of killing Cyrus, the leader of the most powerful gang in the city. In recent years, names including the late Tony Scott have been thrown around in an attempt to remake the film with a plot set in mid-’90s Los Angeles.

While the film’s still stuck in the midst of production hell, a few talented amateurs took to Vimeo last week to post a rather amazing fan trailer for the announced remake:

There’s a lot to love here, mainly in the design of the gangs and the color pallet separating all the various groups. Some dark blues, deep reds, and bright oranges, along with the amazing character design and striking score, really work to capture an amazingly unique look at urban life. When it comes to fan homage, it doesn’t get much better than this.

With any luck, The Warriors remake will begin production sooner rather than later. But if Hollywood’s plans continue to falter, perhaps the powers that be should just give these guys a call.

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  1. jody johnson says:

    If there is goin to be a remake, it’s gotta be better than original,  and that ll take some doin, or dont bother

  2. Ms ATB says:

    I loved this trailer! The people who made it are incredibly talented! “Warriors come out and playas!”

  3. DBG1121996 says:

    god, that looks fucking incredible

  4. Not as genius as i thought says:

    *it’s not

  5. Genius says:

    It’s a fan made trailer meaning an unofficial trailer made by a fan sort of as a tribute. It’s actually going to be like this. Nice color scheme and vibes though.

  6. Ralph Kramden says:

    Ok, how did fans get a hold of footage that hasn’t been released yet?

  7. Bill Sanchez says:

    LOST IN CONEY ISLAND is the official warriors backed fun remake. Cause it didnt try to remake it. They even went to Coney SIland FIlm Festival to support it. # of the Warriors actors went on to start in Rivas other film VAMP BIKERS
    Warriors are from Brooklyn Not LA

  8. TheDon says:

    While I understand that films must be brought up to date , this looks awful. At least keep the characters looking similar to the original. Let’s hope this goes straight to DVD as I think it will flop at the cinema. Really bad idea doing a remake.

  9. zerocool says:

    That’s Michael Angarano tied to the batting cage isn’t it? I would so see this!

  10. antonio says:

    i can dig it..

  11. banshee says:

    Warriors…come out and plaaaayay!

  12. Keith says: