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Somebody Made Furiosa in GRAND THEFT AUTO V

Grand Theft Auto V is the most sand box of all the games, or at least one of the best sand box adventures ever crafted. Los Santos is a perfect recreation of one of the most bizarrely interesting cities in the world, Los Angeles. From its meticulous recreations of some of LA’s hottest locations all the way to the selfie taking inhabitants, Los Santos is the perfect re-imagining of the west coast city. The only difference is that the virtual world allows you to do whatever your mind is able to think up. Xbox One user CharmlessRogue decided not to use his freedom for destructive purposes, but to instead focus on taking his selfie game to the next level.


Using the in game Snapmatic feature, CharmlessRogue created some fantastically on-point images as characters from different films. He then got to editing to make them look like a movie poster of sorts, with the film title over the image. If that isn’t impressive enough, the backgrounds in game also fit in with the theme of the film. He definitely went the whole nine yards.

Most notable of the photos have to be the Mad Max: Fury Road images that feature our two favorite road warriors Furiousa and Max. The Furiosa one in particularly bad to the bone. It has our heroine standing in front of the war rig from the film, with nothing but the empty desert in the background. Max on the other hand is a close up of the character, centered, with nothing but clouds in the background, depicting the characters inner madness pretty well.


Just in case that isn’t enough Mad Max for you, our very own Kyle Hill recreated the renegade one armed butt kicker in both Destiny and Fallout: New Vegas. Both are excellent depictions and the character fits into the world of Fallout pretty well. Why did he do this? Well, because creativity. Now someone needs to design Furiousa in Bloodborne…I may just get on that.

Peep all the portraits in the gallery below, where you will see Fast & Furious, Top Gun, The Book of Eli, and my favorite, Machete. They are all spot-on renditions of some of our favorite films.

I guess you can say that his selfie game is too strong. If you like these, make sure to check out the Breaking Bad tribute created in the game. Make sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below, letting us know what other film-inspired GTA V images you want to see.

HT: Rockstar Games Social Club


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