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We Break Down the New LUKE CAGE Trailer

Sweet Lloyd Christmas this new trailer for Luke Cage looks straight up amazing, and we’re breaking it all down right here on Nerdist News! We learned at Comic-Con last month that Luke Cage would take place after the events of Jessica Jones season one. That means we already know Luke has lost his wife, dealt with Kilgrave’s mind control, and met his future wife slash baby mama. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean his origin story won’t play a factor in the new show!

In the trailer, we got a sneak peek at the experiment that first made Luke Cage indestructible. In a classic nod to Luke’s classic Power Man costume from the 70’s, Cage dons the classic wrist bands, tiara, and hair, and we love it! Sure, it’s a little doofy, but a nice homage to the past. Speaking of homages, Luke’s much-discussed gray hoodie with a yellow lining is another nod to the Power Man costumes of old.

On another track, holy crap, can we talk about how amazing the music is gonna be on this show? The whole trailer played out like a soundtrack to my dreams. And then the shot of Mahershala Ali with Biggie’s crown over his head? This show looks intense to say the least. I mean, Cottonmouth is pounding a dude’s face into mush. Notably, he looks a lot different than his comic counterpart, who was older with white hair and teeth carved down into fangs. But somehow, Netflix’s version is no less scary. We’re still wondering, however, if he’ll go through a transformation of his own to bring him closer to the comic look.

But they’ve got more than just badass brutality to offer! Not even a Marvel show is complete without a Ross and Rachel, and even though we know Jessica Jones eventually becomes Cage’s Rachel, we still get to see a couple Carols and Monas along the way. First up is Claire Temple, who seems to become close with Cage just like she was with Matt Murdock. We also just got confirmation that she’ll be popping up in Iron Fist next year too, so hopefully she’ll become the Phil Coulson of the Netflix MCU.

And then there’s the debut of Misty Knight, who seems to be playing both a romantic interest and moral center, warning Cage that even though he’s bulletproof, Harlem isn’t. Luke’s only weakness may be the people he cares about, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems like Misty might be the one who pushes him to become a hero. As of now, it’s unclear whether she’ll have her trademark bionic enhancements of kung fu skills. But one thing we’re willing to bet on is that Luke Cage won’t be the last we see of Knight- she’s a major love interest on Iron Fist as well.

Finally, we get a nice shot of Luke enjoying an Easy Rawlins novel. Rawlins was the main character in a series of hard-boiled detective novels that started in the 90’s and have become iconic for blending noir tradition and social justice. Hmm, seems like that’s Luke Cage‘s mission statement all in one shot, and we can’t wait!

But what do you guys think? Are you as psyched for Luke Cage as we are? Did you notice anything in the trailer we missed? Will the characters on Luke Cage say “Harlem” more than Daredevil characters say “this city?” Let’s discuss!

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