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All Our Favorite SUICIDE SQUAD Easter Eggs!

Whether Suicide Squad was good or bad, one thing we can say for sure is, it’s full of Easter Eggs! So what are we waiting for? It’s August, let’s get this Easter party started! First of all, we saw a bit more Batman than we thought, which meant we also got to learn a bit more about Batman in general. Our first Easter Egg came when we learned that Wayne Enterprises partially funds Amanda Waller‘s ARGUS during the mid-credits scene, as well as the fact that Harley, Joker, Killer Croc, and Deadshot all menaced the Bat before BvS. We also noticed the client Deadshot was juicing for cash was named “Angelo,” which leads us to believe that was Angelo Mirti, a member of the Falcone Crime Syndicate.

Speaking of criminals, which, obviously we’ll be doing a lot of, Harley Quinn had her first Easter Egg during her title card intro. We were briefly clued into the fact that she was an accomplice to Robin’s murder, though, we aren’t sure how much exactly she had to do with it. We also see a brief appearance of her animated series’ costume and mallet during the Squad’s dress-up montage. She and Joker even echo their iconic Alex Ross cover.

Even though he wasn’t in a huge portion of the movie, Joker still got a few Easter Eggs in there. Well, at least through his henchman. That big, bearded man had “Frost” on his name tag, making him Johnny Frost, the lead character in Brian Azzarello’s Joker graphic novel. And then there’s Slipknot, who fulfilled his destiny set by the Suicide Squad comics, getting straight-up exploded in the film. And of course everyone knows the Big Captain Boomerang-related Easter Egg already. Flash’s cameo in his full-on superhero garb was a nod to Boomerang’s usual role as a member of the speedster’s rogues.

And finally, Suicide Squad gave us our first look at Midway City on the big screen! The home of Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the Doom Patrol is like the redheaded step-child of the DC cities, with Gotham and Metropolis hogging all the big screens, and National City hogging the smaller one. However, with no Thanagarians in sight, it looks like Hawkman and Hawkgirl don’t exist in the DCEU just yet. Oh! And did you watch that John Ostrander building when the squad rolled up to Midway? That quick moment was a nice shout-out to the Task Force X‘s creator.

But what do you guys think? Did we catch everything? Were you hoping for more from the film or did it fulfill all your hopes and dreams for this Hot Topic product-placement film? Did you catch any Easter Eggs we missed? Let’s discuss!

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