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Watch the Joker Evolve Onscreen Through the Decades

What does every version of the Joker have in common? Watching this montage featuring all of the iterations of Batman‘s arch nemesis in film and television through the years shows that no matter what personal twist you bring to the mad man you will always need some white makeup, green hair, a purple suit, and a great, maniacal laugh.

This is the latest installment in Burger Fiction‘s great “Evolution” series, where they show all of the different depictions of characters, installments in franchises, and creators works over the decades, and this time they tackled the Crown Prince of Crime, inarguably one of the greatest, most iconic, most-reviled/loved super villains in history.

Starting with Cesar Romero’s mustachioed, fun-loving Joker from the original Batman television series in 1966, and going all the way up through today with Jared Leto’s twisted, grill-wearing variant from Suicide Squad (not to mention the briefest of looks at the next Joker, the Zack Galifianakis-voiced baddie from the upcoming LEGO Batman movie), this video shows that although there are many ways to play the Caped Crusader’s number one foe, you can’t mess with the basic elements. All in all, he can’t help but enjoy what he’s doing, no matter how light or dark he is portrayed.

The only thing that really stands out as “wrong” is when he suddenly speaks with a totally normal voice. Losing that edge of madness when he speaks definitely takes away from him, which is probably why Mark Hamill’s version of the Joker is still considered the best by so many.

Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning turn also stands out as the first major deviation of the character, but in a way that made The Joker scarier than ever before.

But with so many versions, which Joker is your Joker? Tell us who you think is the definitive Joker in our comments below.

Images: Warner Bros.

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