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Watermelons and Coconuts Meet the Explosive Power of Molten Salt

If you discovered that you could blow up a fish tank by pouring some molten salt into it, what would you do with that information? How far down on your list would “try blowing up some fruit” be? The answers to those questions probably depend on whether or not you run a popular YouTube account, have a total disregard for your own safety, and take great pleasure in wasting food in fun ways.

In his newest video, The Backyard Scientist followed up his molten salt/fish tank destroying experiment by going back to one of his favorite activities: pouring something really hot in liquid form into some perfectly fine fruit. This time he bored a hole into a couple of coconuts and some large watermelons, and it turns out they are no more a match for molten salt than that glass tank was.

The second coconut produced the best results, as it was completely and utterly destroyed as soon as the salt (which is just regular table salt heated up between 260° and 550° Celsius) hit it. However, the watermelons produced some pretty satisfying results too, the kind that might just give Gallagher an idea on how to resurrect his career.

While I appreciate the Backyard Scientist’s commitment to making these fun, often illuminating videos (like when he showed that steak can hold up to molten aluminum way better than you might have guessed), I really wish he would just stand behind a protective blast shield. He knows how destructive molten salt can be; maybe an extra precaution or two wouldn’t hurt?

He’s looking for more ideas on what to do with molten salt, so tell us what you’d like to see by popping into our comments below.

Images: The Backyard Scientist

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