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Watch the World’s Tiniest Lasagna Being Prepared

Tealight ovens are taking over the world, at least according to the internet. Soon we’ll all be slaving over a hot candle-lit stove making mouse-sized meals. Not likely, but videos of people making tiny food are captivating regardless of whether or not they’re useful.

Gizmodo introduced us to Walking With Giants, a YouTuber who specializes in miniature meals. While we’ve seen sweets like tiny donuts being made, these videos feature the savory side of cooking. Featured are the world’s smallest gumbo, the world’s smallest chimichanga, and, most recently, the world’s smallest lasagna.

It’s that last dish that captures our hearts and stomachs, because lasagna is dish that requires a lot of ingredients and a lot of layers. When you add the fact that the result is smaller than a postage stamp, well, you can’t help but watch.

The recipes starts out like any normal lasagna: by boiling pasta and prepping the ingredients. Hand grating the world’s smallest cheese is where I’d probably give up. I don’t even want to spend time grating regular-sized cheese.

The lasagna is only layered once, which hardly seems lasagna-esque and more like a pasta sandwich, but why complain when this meal is all being done with fingertips? The lasagna is foiled, baked, and then served. Am I the only one who desperately wanted to see some ants walk in and enjoy a romantic Italian meal together?


These videos are so calming it doesn’t even matter that the tiniest bite wouldn’t even satisfy your hunger—just watching the preparation satisfies your soul. If there’s one takeaway from these tiny food videos, it’s that a good manicure is key. There are so many close-up shots, you definitely need to have your nails on point at all times.

Check out more tiny food videos on the Walking With Giants YouTube channel.

Would you attempt the world’s smallest lasagna? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Walking With Giants/YouTube
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