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Taco, Pancake, and Ramen Lasagnas are Here for You to Eat

Ah the good old days: when lasagna was lasagna, when noodles, cheese and sauce meant something! Please, that’s so old school, the lasagna of today is so much more hip than all that. You can make it with fast food, make it portable, make it out of…ramen? Yeah, your nonna and is rolling over in her grave.

Lasagna is all about layers, and using that theory as a weak constitution means you can layer just about anything to achieve lasagna status, yes even burritos. Over at Foodbeast they put that theory to the test and shelled out $80 for a bunch of Taco Bell menu items. The fact that it’s even possible to spend $80 at Taco Bell is enough of a shock, but just wait ’til you see what they did with the ingredients.

Taco Bell Lasagna-02042016

This Taco Bell Lasagna consists of 20 sides of ground beef, 20 sides of refried beans, layered with several whole burritos, 16 Cheesy Roll Ups, (I paused the video just to count them), cheese sauce, regular cheese, and did I mention cheese? Oh, and actual lasagna noodles were layered in between to make it authentic. In the end it actually looks like a traditional lasagna.

Pancake Lasagna-02042016

Perhaps Italian food or tacos aren’t your thing, though—maybe it’s breakfast. Chef Eric Greenspan created a Pancake Lasagna using layers of bacon, pancakes, breakfast sausage, all held together with a sweet and savory maple-bacon béchamel. Now we’re talking. Ron Swanson would be proud.

Ramen Lasagna-02042016

If those dishes still don’t satisfy your layered food cravings, then Chef David Chang offers up a low to high end lasagna that starts by grinding ramen into a flour to make homemade lasagna noodles. His Ramensagna is layered with a mushroom ragu, béchamel sauce, and ends by being torched by a Searzall, one of Chang’s own inventions.

Lasagna Burritos-02042016

Perhaps it’s not the ingredients but the portability of the lasagna that’s keeping you up at night. No problem, Ralph’s grocery store has put together a menu item sure to please, portable Lasagna Burritos. Listed on their site as a skill level 1, the concept is simple: make lasagna out of one giant fresh sheet of pasta, then roll it, wrap it and throw it on the grill. Enjoy your burrito, I mean lasagna.

However you layer it lasagna-hacking is the new foodie playground. So channel your inner Garfield, experiment with your lasagna, and let us know in the comments how you’d make your custom version. Be sure to tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram to show us your creations.

IMAGES: Foodbeast, PopSugar, LuckyPeach, Ralphs
HT: Buzzfeed, Foodbeast, PopSugar, LuckyPeach, Ralphs

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