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Enjoy Your Burrito, Taco, and More with iOS 9.1’s New Emoji Characters

Alright, it’s time for iOS 9.1, the next generation mobile operating system! Well, yeah. Not yet. It’s still in beta, but Apple has announced that the new platform will introduce awesome new emoji to help you express yourself as graphically as possible.

If the pineapples and cat faces on your phone are feeling tired and jejune, how about a spanking new block of cheese? Or a unicorn? What about a motorbike, or a shirt and tie? Whatever you like to decorate your messages with, there will be something in this update that tickles your fancy. Almost every category has a cool new emoji added.

My personal favorites are the little ski and snowboard people. So cute! And we here at Nerdist are obviously most excited about the burrito emoji, because as any Nerdist Podcast listener knows, you should always enjoy your burrito. And you should be excited, too. Now when you go to text your friends to grab food, you won’t need to type any words at all — as other new food emoji include a hot dog, pizza, soup, and so much more. (Can you tell that food emoji are my favorite?).


iOS 9 will be released to the public on September 16 (yep, that’s next week!), before the arrival of the next wave of iPhone and iPad upgrades. There’s no word yet on when 9.1 will grace us with its presence, but we know it’ll be soon. It’s the simple things we can’t live without, right?

So, what’s going to be your new go-to emoji? Let us know in the comments below.

Speaking of burritos, find out what would be in the ideal burritos of celebrities like Chris Pratt, Bryan Cranston, and Kristen Bell:

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IMAGE: Apple

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