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Victory For Net Neutrality After F.C.C. Vote

Join us, dear readers, as we rejoice in the victory that was had today. The Federal Communications Commission voted today in regards to the regulation of broadband Internet services. In a vote of 3 to 2, the FCC has ruled that broadband Internet services will be considered a public utility for American consumers. This vote marks a major victory in the fight for net neutrality that has been a major topic of discussion for over ten years.

The new rules are meant to make sure that no content can be blocked and to abolish the possibilities of “pay-to-play fast lanes” for Internet and media companies that can afford it, thus creating “slow lanes” for the rest of us. The rules will also cover mobile data service for smartphones and tablets. The order makes sure to prioritize consumer privacy and ensures service is available for both those in remote areas and those with disabilities. Now, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, high-speed Internet service will be reclassified as a telecommunications service, and therefore treated as a public utility. The F.C.C. will not, however, get involved in matters of pricing the service or how companies manage their networks. Major internet companies, vocal start-ups, and many public interest groups are in support of this Title II method.

Opponents of these new rules, including the likes of cable television and telecommunications companies, fear the Title II approach will allow for future interference in regulations, thus hurting investor possibilities. They claim these issues will ultimately hurt consumers and plan to challenge the F.C.C. order in court.

For now, though, net neutrality supporters can celebrate this victory in equality through cyberspace. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

UPDATE: President Obama thanked supporters of Net Neutrality on Reddit with a hand written note for readers of the site viewed as being pivotal in extolling the virtues of an open internet.

Obama Net Neutrality Note 2.25.15

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  1. Keith says:

    It amazes me how dumb you people are. Yes, let’s put the government in charge of more crap that they cannot regulate correctly. Let’s remove any and all freedom from the internet.  Now, let’s start taxing internet uses and sales. Let’s start regulating what is allowed on the internet, remove and restrict speech.

    This sounds great!

  2. Amby says:

    Way to cover the opposing side there with barely a paragraph. One day you will look back and realize how utterly stupid this was. Unfortunately it seems no one can rip you from your stupidity now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Obama ☺

  4. Kathy Duncan says:

    Weird, wouldn’t let me sign in at first.  Anyway, sorry to report that my mother is convinced, because her news shows tell her so, that this means our internet is going to get expensive.  Because they have NO interest in promoting the agenda of cable tv corporations, not at all.  Oi.

  5. Kathy D. says:

    Wow, Mother sure is confused about what this means, she’s sure because her news show told her that this means our internet’s going to cost more now.

  6. Jary says:

    You rejoice in regulations you were not even able to read prior to the vote.  You assume they say one thing but we are yet to see what is in the 300 pages of the proposal.  Until I can read the regulations and how they will affect me, I will not be throwing  a party.  Every time the gov takes over something it does not end well for consumers.

    • truth says:

      How did those death panels you swear were there before turn out?

      • FactsMatter says:

        How did the $2500 max cap turn out?  How did the “keeping costs down” turn out?  How did the “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan!” turn out?  How did the “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!” turn out?  How about all those who are now being told they have to pay back thousands in subsidies they were given by mistake?  Shall we go on?

  7. DC says:

    Govt with too much control is a terrible thing.  Just you wait and see how things turn out. 

  8. Alan Dawson says:

    The government is bad because conservatives have brainwashed me into believing it. Yeehaw! Down with government. Be smart and vote only based on faith while the GOP steals from us, but remember…Jesus.

  9. Jack says:

    What blows me away is the shear number of GOP drones gobbling up the party rhetoric and railing against this decision. 

    • Subpilot says:

      What bothers me is how all of you guys buy into something just because the name is cool. 
      Anyone remember the “Affordable Care Act”? Net result so far is Health Insurance is more costly, you have less choice in Doctors or Health providers and there is no indication that there are less uninsured. 

  10. Michelle says:

    About time! Thank goodness, sense finally out of Washington.

    • Subpilot says:

      I think you will be sadly disappointed.  It might take a few years to sink in, but this day will be remembered as the day the government broke the Internet. 

  11. Michelle says: