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Gaming Daily: Yet Another MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION Update, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Scholarships, and More

Welcome back to another heaping helping of Gaming Daily, your easy-to-digest rundown of what’s hot in the video game industry. Today we’ve got another update from the fine folks at 343 Industries regarding the problem-riddled Halo: The Master Chief Collection, possible League of Legends scholarships, and Valve is skipping two major shows in favor of a big announcement at the Game Developers Conference this year. No, it’s probably not Half-Life 3. Let’s get into it!


The latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection content update is due out next week. 

The Halo debacle rages on, but it looks as though things may very well be calming down. 343 Industries is working on a series of multiple new content updates for the popular shooter, and the latest one is on track for a release next week.

According to 343 Industries, there’s a glut of more information regarding The Master Chief Collection coming soon, as far as a release date and what the content update will entail once it’s passed certification.

But that’s not all! Tomorrow, January 8, the game will receive an update to include new achievements for both multiplayer and Spartan Ops mode. There’s something for everyone on the horizon, it seems. Hopefully the game’s days of woe will be soon coming to an end.

[HT: VG247]


 You could possibly receive a scholarship for playing League of Legends at a university in Kentucky.

If you play League of Legends and live in Pikeville, Kentucky, you may well be one of the first students to join in on the second school in the nation’s League of Legends scholarship program.

This fall, the university will be offering 20 scholarships to players who will have to maintain a certain GPA like other student athletes, with practice and video game time divvied up between them. After the fall season starts, the University of Pikeville team will even begin competing in tournaments!

It’s an interesting alternative to physical sports, especially given the fact that eSports has been gaining a massive amount of popularity over the year couple of years. It wouldn’t be surprising if we saw this program continuing to expand over the next few years.

[HT: Joystiq]


 Valve won’t be attending CES or Dev Day, but will be making an appearance at GDC.

A representative from Valve Software has confirmed that the company will not be hosting its annual Steam Dev Days event. In addition, Valve will not be attending January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

However, Valve does plan on attending GDC in the near future to announce and pitch new ideas in the gaming space.

“This year our focus will be a bit different, so we are planning a larger than usual presence at GDC,” confirmed the Valve representative. It should be an interesting show, regardless of what Valve decides to show off!

[HT: Polygon]

That’s all for today, but make sure to check back tomorrow for more hot, delicious gaming goodness!

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