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TV-Cap: SUPERGIRL Returns to Krypton, Oliver Queen for Mayor, and More

It’s time to say goodbye to the week, and it’s been a rough one. Before we boot it out the door, let’s pause to review the latest television news in today’s TV-Cap. Syfy has announced premiere dates for Hunters and 12 Monkeys, Oliver Queen has a snazzy campaign poster, Kara’s returning to Krypton in Supergirl, and much more. Let’s dive in.

A Special Appearance. With all the DC Comics television shows currently airing, it seems like every character ever mentioned could appear. That includes the Legion of Super-Heroes. Geoff Johns, CCO at DC, told journalists at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour that we’ll see “a hint of the Legion on one of our shows. Keep watching.” Hmm. Which show do you think it will be? I’m leaning towards Supergirl. [Nerdist]

Campaigning. Oliver Queen threw his hat into the ring for mayor of Star City earlier this season, and his campaign has been progressing. To help further awareness, there are now official campaign posters. The website listed on the posters isn’t active just yet, but I bet it will be once Arrow returns on January 20. [Nerdist, Images: The CW]

It Was a Nice Thought. The reunion of the Friends cast in an NBC special has already taken a hit. Matthew Perry won’t be able to join his co-stars because he’ll be out of the country rehearsing for a play in London. Aww, we were this close. [The Wrap]

Party Crasher. Fox’s take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show has cast a key role: Adam Lambert will be playing Eddie. He was played by Meat Loaf in the original film and onstage, so, you know… no pressure. [Variety]

Walled In. USA’s newest original series debuted Thursday night. Colony is set in the near future in a world where mysterious intruders have occupied Los Angeles and constructed a wall around the city. The repression has led to the formation of a resistance, and the Bowman family is at the heart of the conflict. Read Rachel’s review of the first episode.

Finding Their Places. The mishmash of characters in Legends of Tomorrow is going to make for some interesting dynamics. The word “teamwork” doesn’t come to mind when I picture Captain Cold alongside Atom. The latest trailer shows how they’re finding their places. The show will premiere on January 21. [Comic Book Resources]

Back to Krypton. Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg shared some interesting news about what’s ahead on the series at a TCA panel. He said they’re adapting Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Has Everything,” and the episode will put Kara back on Krypton where nothing bad happened. Pretty cool, huh? Read more of Kreisberg’s comments about the rest of season one here at Nerdist.

Make a Note. Syfy has dropped some dates for some spring series. Hunters will debut its first season on April 11, and 12 Monkeys will return on season two on April 18. [Deadline]

About Elektra. Creator Frank Miller apparently doesn’t have great feelings about how Elektra is going to be portrayed in season two of Netflix’s Daredevil. Miller appeared at the CCXP convention in Brazil and said he hasn’t seen the show and added, “They can call it whatever you want, but it will not be the real Elektra.” Huh. Daredevil showrunner Doug Petrie has replied to his comments and said he’s inspired by Miller’s work and is trying to take the character further. You can read all of Petrie’s comments at Entertainment Weekly.

When You’re a Jet…Wait. ABC’s Galavant riffs on all sorts of songs and musicals. They often do so hilariously thanks to the incredible team that is Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. A new video from the next episode, “Giants vs. Dwarves,” shows off a tune that’s a bit of spin on a ditty from West Side Story. Watch the video at TVLine. The episode airs on Sunday, January 17.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Supergirl version of “For the Man Who Has Everything?” Let me know in the comments.


Editor’s note: Nerdist Industries is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

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