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Nerdist News

Apple iPhone 6 to Have Curved Glass?!

Hey there folks, hey there friends, get ready for a blast of nerdy goodness on another high-flying episode of Nerdist News.

On today’s show, we’re taking a look at all the rumors surrounding the impending release of Apple‘s iPhone 6 – and the latest leaks that might show off its biggest design change. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Wednesday without your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey!

Enjoy today’s show, come on back for another tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below if you’re sticking with Team Apple or defecting to Team Android!

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  1. the thinker says:

    Clear all the way. If Apple wants to hit the top number of sells with the iphone 6 they gotta go clear. They need to make a phone that resembles the one in iron man 2. Otherwise they’re just gonna bore us with the same old look, only maybe thinner.

  2. CaptComplainyHead says:

    Ugh. Why has Nerdist News switched to a 1 news piece per episode format?!

  3. cam says:

    BUT the iphone has a new hat! I WANT IT!

  4. Anthony says:

    <p><marquee><b>Proctologists are aliens in disguise</b></marquee></p>

  5. Will says:

    samsung all the way

  6. Lincolne says:

    All i can say is wow you are really Against Apple. I will be staying with Apple. why? Security

    • Michael says:

      Come work with me for a day and let me show you Apple’s “security” 🙂

      • Lincolne says:

        Look at how many virus are are made for android. Yes apple is not 100 percent safe. But it is probably about 500 times safer than android

  7. Smitty says:

    What about defecting to Team Apple? 0_o