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TV-Cap: SAMURAI JACK Is Coming Back to Cartoon Network

Chances are good many of you are in cheerful moods because you’ve heard Samurai Jack will be back in 2016. Sometimes the best things come back around, and it’s oh so delicious. We have more on the return in today’s TV-Cap, along with photos from The Flash and Arrow midseason finales (The Trickster is back!), the trailer for Season 5 of Girls, an Ash vs. The Walking Dead gag, and more.

Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is coming to Central City, but The Flash can’t have a relaxed holiday celebration. That would be awfully boring. In the next episode, which is also the midseason finale, Mark Hamill reprises his role as The Trickster. He teams up with a couple of other baddies, puts on a Santa suit, and causes trouble. Captain Cold and the Trickster sharing scenes? Come on. Also: Wally West makes his debut. See more photos from “Running to Standing Still” at Comic Book Resources. [Images: The CW]

A Lore Expansion. Imaginary friends became part of the mythology in Wednesday’s Supernatural. The silly but heartwarming episode was directed by none other than Richard Speight, Jr. (you know him as Gabriel/the Trickster). I talked to him about his directorial debut, and you can read the interview over here.

Amazon Win. Looking to catch up on AMC’s Humans? The eight-episode first season aired over the summer, and it will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime in the spring. [Deadline]

Ash Rules. If Bruce Campbell’s Ash existed in the same world as The Walking Dead, would there even be a Walking Dead? Possibly not. Campbell tweeted a “leaked” script page from Ash vs. Walking Dead, and he took care of the zombie apocalypse before Rick even woke up from his coma. Sounds about right. And now I want a crossover. [Nerdist]

Between Two Cities. Speaking of crossovers, the big Flash/Arrow team-up wrapped up Wednesday. They used the event to introduce Vandal Savage and set up Legends of Tomorrow. There were a ton of masks and suits in one place and so many hilarious one-liners. Read Joseph’s and Sydney’s reviews: The Flash: “Legends of Today” and Arrow: “Legends of Yesterday.”

Sticky Situation. Tar Pit is coming to The Flash. Yes, that’s the actual name of a villain because comic books are terrific. Also known as Joey Monteleone, the character will be played be Marco Grazzini. []

Getting Hitched. HBO’s Girls returns with Season 5 (maybe the next to last season) on February 21. The trailer shows the usual antics between Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna, and the usual problems. Also: a wedding! [Slashfilm]

Powerless? Kara Danvers found herself bleeding at the end of the last episode of Supergirl. That’s not the sort of problem Supergirl has ever faced. Unfortunately, the loss of her powers coincides with an earthquake in National City, and as you can see in the promo for “Human for a Day,” she has to test her mettle without super strength. [Cosmic Book News]

Continuing Adventures. Cartoon Network is bringing back one of its best series: Samurai Jack! No, really, this isn’t too good to be true. The show will return in 2016 as part of Adult Swim’s Toonami block, and Genndy Tartakovsky is on board as executive producer. It’s all music to my ears. [Nerdist]

Danger and Romance. Damien Darhk got a week off while Team Arrow dealt with Vandal Savage, but he’s back in the game for the Arrow midseason finale next Wednesday. Photos from the episode show an attack on Star City and some sort of unhappy event at a Christmas party. On the up side, look at Donna and Lance being adorable! See more images from “Dark Waters” at TVLine. [Images: The CW]

Are you happy that Samurai Jack is returning to the small screen? Let me know your thoughts on that and anything else in today’s TV-Cap in the comments.

Featured Image: Cartoon Network

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