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TV-Cap: Could SUPERGIRL Move to The CW?

We’re at the time of year when renewals for the 2017-2018 season have already been announced or should be announced soon. The fate of Supergirl is still up in the air, but we have an update on that in today’s TV-Cap. We also have a picture of Rory and Logan from the Gilmore Girls revival, comments from Colton Haynes on why he left Arrow, and more.

Rumor City. CBS hasn’t given the official go ahead for a second season of Supergirl yet. A new rumor reported by The Wrap suggests the show might be too expensive for the network to keep making and that Supergirl might make the move to The CW. Emphasis on the word might. Given how The CW seems to be the place for comic book series and that Supergirl is a Warner Bros. Entertainment show like the rest of those comic book series, it makes sense. However, if it does move, the budget would likely be dialed back. Nerdist has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment but hasn’t heard back as of the time of publishing. [Slashfilm, Image: CBS/Tumblr/Karazorelgifs]

Shocking Reveals! What happens when astronaut Buzz Aldrin stops by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Fake moon scoops. Yep. [Nerdist]

Putting the Thology In. Ryan Murphy, anthology creator extraordinaire (official title), is executive producing a new series with Brad Pitt for FX. Feud has received a straight to series order for eight episodes and will follow famous feuds. The cast has names like Stanley Tucci and Susan Sarandon. [Deadline]

Telling Stories. Dear White People was a crowdfunded movie from Justin Simien that explored the experiences of students of color at a mostly white Ivy League college. And the story will continue because Netflix has given Simien 10 30-minute episodes to continue Dear White People on the small screen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Burn It Down. Damien Darhk is moving full steam ahead with his dramatic plans on Arrow. How dramatic? He wants to destroy the world with a nuclear weapon. So unoriginal, dude. The extended promo for “Monument Point” puts the emphasis on the danger. [ComicBookMovie]

Warning: Spoilers from Game of Thrones ahead.

What Does It Mean? Jon Snow is back from the dead. What does that mean for the character’s arc in season six of the HBO series? Kit Harington talked to Entertainment Weekly about that as well as the stress of committing to the lie of Jon being dead. Apparently, Jon’s part is huge this season. Hmm. What could it mean? Read Alicia’s thoughts on Snow’s role this season here at Nerdist.

Sanity Break. Colton Haynes stepped away from Arrow after the third season, and he recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about why. To put it simply: he was stressed. He said, “I’ve had terminal anxiety my entire life. Physically ill, fainting. I’m 27 years old, and I have an ulcer. I had to step back.” You can read more about his life after Arrow at EW. [Comic Book Resources]

Together or Not? Tanc Sade, a.k.a. Finn, is helping fuel the fire about whether Rory and Logan are together in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. He posted the above pic on Instagram to torture us all. I’m inclined to think he wouldn’t be allowed to post the image if Alexis Bledel’s Rory and Matt Czuchry’s Logan were an item, but maybe that’s what “they” want us to think? I’m conflicted. [TVLine]

Oh Boy. Did you catch all the intense, awesome happenings on Thursday night’s episodes of The 100 and Orphan Black? If you’re worried you missed something or just want to relive the action again, read Alicia’s recap of Orphan Black and Sydney’s recap of The 100.

Would you be okay with Supergirl switching networks? Do you think Rory and Logan are an item in the Gilmore Girls revival? Share all the opinions in the comments.

Featured Image: CBS

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