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Triangulart’s Triangle Pixels Increase the Awesomeness of Any Illustration

Almost everybody knows and loves pixel art. Appearing in everything from classic video games to retro-style artwork, pixel art—or visual designs that are edited on the pixel level using raster graphics software—has been popular for decades, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But that doesn’t mean the art form can’t be transformed to keep the traditional feel of the medium while mixing it up with a new design element. And that is exactly what a young developer out of London nicknamed Maxwellito has done.

Triangulart, which is one of Maxwellito’s many awesome design projects, is “a silly graphic editor build [sic] in JavaScript to create isometric illustrations.” Put more simply, “Triangulart is like pixel art but for triangles.” And while a lot of pixel art can (obviously) look clunky due to its square-shaped pixels, triangulart somehow manages to take almost anything you draw, and turn it into something cool to look at. I took a spin with the program, which you can find here, and had a blast with the simplest of text designs.



These took about 30 seconds apiece (yes, you can tell), but still, the program is tons of fun to use. As you can see in the two images above, there’s a full color palette available, as well as the ability to turn the background triangle outlines on or off. Maxwellito does note that the program is missing some important functions like “touch screen support, undo, fill, move a group, [and] zoom…” However, white works fine as a makeshift undo, and using your fingers with this program could get a bit iffy anyway.

And if you’re wondering if the program works for serious artists, it most certainly does, as evidenced by Maxwellito’s own creation:


What do you think about Triangulart? Is this a fresh take on pixel art, or is Maxwellito messing with perfection? Let us know in the comments section below!

HT: Boing Boing

Images: Maxwellito, Author via Triangulart


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