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Gaming Daily: DONKEY KONG COUNTRY & More SNES Classics Hit the 3DS eShop

We have had quite an exciting past couple of days and today is no different! There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it. In today’s Gaming Daily, you can now play SNES classics Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound on the New Nintendo 3DS, Naughty Dog delves deeper into the technical aspects of Uncharted 4 in latest behind-the-scenes video, Square Enix unveiled a limited edition Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Xbox One controller, more details about Pokémon GO‘s gameplay emerged, and Dark Souls III Xbox One specs have hit the web.


Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound are now available on the 3DS eShop!

Holy nostalgia, everybody! One of our favorite things announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct was the fact that SNES classics were finally making their way to the 3DS eShop. Soon after the announcement was made, Super Mario World, Pilotwings, and F-Zero were all made available. If you’ve enjoyed taking advantage of the handheld’s new feature (which is only available for those with a New Nintendo 3DS), I have some good news. Nintendo added three more titles to the eShop!

Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, and Mario Kart for $8. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn’t offering a discount for those who’ve already purchased the titles on the Wii U eShop. Though unfortunate, $8 is still a pretty reasonable price to pay for some pretty fantastic games.

Three more titles are slated to hit the system next month. On April 14, we’ll be getting Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Not only is this a great opportunity for players to either grab games they’ve never gotten a chance to play or to experience a dose of nostalgia; but it’s a great move on Nintendo’s part, because it’s sure to convince a few people to upgrade to the latest handheld.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Naughty Dog reveals more behind-the-scenes details for Uncharted 4

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our coverage, you’re probably aware of the behind-the-scenes video series Naughty Dog has been sharing leading up to the release of Uncharted 4. So far, they’ve discussed the evolution of the franchise, and what it was like growing up with Drake. This week, they touched on how they pushed technical boundaries in not one, but TWO videos. Check out the first one above. For more information, and a peek at the second video, head on over to our full post (linked below).

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Mirrors edge controller

Limited Edition Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Xbox One controller and figures announced.

Now that’s a beautiful controller! While we’re trying to wait patiently for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘s launch on May 24, the folks at PDP decided to tease us by announcing a sleek looking limited edition wired Xbox One controller and a trio of mini-figures.

While the controller shares features with regular Xbox One controllers (like the headset jack, rumble, and PC compatibility), it also  features on-board audio controls, which allows you to adjust game and chat audio levels on the controller. If you’re familiar with the Fallout 4 controller they released back in November, it’s pretty much the same thing. The controller costs $59.99 and is already available for pre-order.


As for the pack of figures (which you can check out above), you’ll be able to pre-order and grab that for $19.99. It includes highly detailed figures of Faith, Icarus, and Kuma. There will only be 3,500 packs floating around, so if you’re interested, we suggest grabbing one before they sell out.

HT: PDP Controller, PDP Figures 

Image Credit: PDP

Pokemon Go device 2

More Pokémon GO details hit the web.

Speaking of upcoming games, the folks at Niantic and The Pokémon Company revealed more information about the upcoming mobile title Pokémon GO! While we’re still waiting to hear more information about an official release date, the company noted that a field test would be conducted in Japan (and only Japan) some time in the near future. As for gameplay, a couple more features were unveiled, including the ability to join groups, defend Pokémon Gyms, and collect goodies (like Poké Balls, Pokémon Eggs and more) from PokéStops located in the real world. For more information, check out our full post (linked below).

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Dark Souls III Xbox One specs revealed.

While we still need to wait until April 12 to get our hands on Dark Souls III, the game has already launched in Japan. As such, the folks at Digital Foundry have obtained a copy and ran a test to see how the game runs on the Xbox One. The results? According to his findings, the game runs at a native resolution of 900p. While that’s lower than the PS4’s 1080p performance, the analyst notes that the game still looks impressive. See for yourself in the video above.

“We were curious about the game’s resolution, first and foremost,” noted Eurogamer’s Thomas Morgan. “While Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 run at a full 1080p on PS4, there were no certainties of the resolution setup on other formats. On a close pixel count, it turns out Xbox One dials its native resolution back to a straight 1600×900 in this case. Essentially, this puts us at 70 per cent of the PS4’s overall pixel output.”

He also found that the game’s framerate is locked at 30FPS, just as Bloodborne was. He elaborated, “This means that while we do hit a 30fps line on average, we still get the perception of stutter anyway, with several unique frames running in a row, followed by multiple duplicates.” However, in some situations, the frame rate drops to 20fps.

“Fortunately, we get a 30fps average for most of this Lothric section, and it’s only in these isolated spots where Xbox One struggles.”

With the game’s release a matter of weeks away, more information and analysis are sure to come.

HT: EuroGamer

That’s it for today’s Gaming Daily. Keep Nerdist tabbed for upcoming gaming news, reviews, and features. In the mood to discuss what you read? Join the conversation on Facebook, or start one up with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka

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