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The TRAINSPOTTING and T2 Trailers Mirror Each Other in So Many Ways

The TRAINSPOTTING and T2 Trailers Mirror Each Other in So Many Ways

We were very excited last week when the trailer for Danny Boyle‘s T2: Trainspotting dropped, showing us what the former heroin-addicted Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) and his one-time cronies are up to 20 years later. We were struck by the immediate energy and pace of Renton’s new version of the “Choose Life” monologue that immediately brought us back to Edinburgh in 1996, but there were a lot more connections between the old and the new than there at first first glance. You might not have noticed it…but your brain did. Luckily, a new comparison video shows us exactly where the two trailers mirror each other.

The video comes from Candice Drouet, a frequent creator of snappy video essays and comparisons (which we saw on IndieWire) and gives us a great indication of where the two trailers — and thus the two movies — will visually and thematically intersect.

Some of these are very obvious, such as Renton meeting Diane (Kelly Macdonald) and him nearly getting hit by a car and then laughing about it, but others are much more subtle, like Renton sitting at the kitchen table with his parents in the first movie, but only his mother in the second, and even the color of the room in which he had his infamous waking DT nightmare.

Boyle has remained one of the most visually interesting filmmakers since the early-’90s and if he’s going to revisit any territory, you can bet he’s not just going to make it a boring affair. We’re just waiting to see how many more similarities we’ll spot (pun intended) when T2: Trainspotting hits cinemas in North America in February, 2017.

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Image: Tristar Pictures/Film4

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