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New THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Trailer Couldn’t Look More Promising

The last thing we want is be found guilty of engaging in hyperbole, but after watching the newest trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie, the question is not whether or not it will be the greatest Batman movie of all time, but whether or not it will be the greatest thing ever made by humans.

We’re only half kidding… about not wanting to use hyperbole that is.


Every clip, teaser, and trailer so for the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie, which features Will Arnett as the Caped Crusader (reprising his role from The LEGO Movie), has been phenomenal. But this newest look from Warner Bros. Pictures is easily the best yet. The trailer features everyone, including Michael Cera as the way-too-energetic Robin, Ralph Fiennes as the wise but frustrated butler Alfred, Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon, the new police commissioner who wants to team up with Batman, and Zach Galifianakis as a version of Joker who is terribly sad that Batman doesn’t view him as his one and only villain. There’s even a quick cameo from LEGO Superman, in a clear nod to this year’s Batman v Superman. (No, there is no LEGO Zack Snyder to be found, wantonly destroying LEGO sets.)


The movie looks like all kinds of entertaining and silly, poking fun at the inherently ridiculous elements of the entire Batman universe, especially Robin’s disconcerting wardrobe. But the reason we think it has a chance to be a great Batman film is that, despite being a comedy, the trailer suggests a major focus on the sadness of Batman’s life, and how his role as an anonymous superhero further isolates himself from a world he doesn’t want to be a real part of. By forcing him to work with and rely on others, the movie looks like it will challenge its main character to deal with his real problems.

Batman is a sad guy who deals with it in the most bizarre way possible, and using that for both comedy and true character exploration means this film has a chance to be really great. That is not hyperbole.

What did you think of this trailer? What are you most excited about for this movie? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures

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