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Tour “The Wire”‘s Baltimore With Pop Pilgrims

Baltimore: The Wire locations, part one

Damon Lindelof said it himself on Nerdist No. 85: The Wire was among the — if not the — greatest television show ever made. (If you want evidence of this, go ‘like’ The Wire on Facebook. Years after the show ended, whoever is running that page will drop a quote and get about 18,000 comments in a half-hour.)

If you want to go even deeper with McNulty, Bunk, Omar, Marlo and the rest of the crew, Pop Pilgrims (really solid feature, as an aside) has now dedicated an episode to Bodymore. Actually, they needed two episodes for this one — Part I is embedded above, with more information here, and Part II shall be released on A/V Club this Wednesday.

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

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Watch This Guy Break Open Some Cattails


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  1. RJ Williams says:

    Anyone else think that Cheese’s speech during the series finale (Redman’s character) was slightly plagiarized from Mikey’s speech from inside the well (of The Goonies)? “It’s our time”-indeed.

  2. Dan Telfer says:

    This web series is okay.

  3. Emily says:

    Watching the fifth season now. Omar is the best character of all time. ALL TIME.

  4. Wade says:

    My impression of Lindelof.

    You know, cause The Wire, you know, was one of the, you know, greatest, if not the greatest, you know. Um, you know, shows ever made. You know.

  5. Anncoultersadamsapple says:

    Best show of all time.

  6. Saxyroro says:

    Whoa. This was good. Wire was such a 4 star show. Typical steller HBO work.

  7. BigDan says:

    “It’s Baltimore, gentlemen; the Gods will not save you.” – Burrell