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This STAR WARS INSIDE OUT Mash-Up Captures Kylo Ren’s Emotions

Pixar’s Inside Out gave shape, form, and voice to the emotions vying for control inside our heads, and they’re each appropriate for different times and places. In the weeks after I first saw the film, I couldn’t help but wonder which emotion was running the show in any given situation. I thought about the same thing after watching Kylo Ren face his father Han in The Force Awakens. Artist Dan Hipp captured what I was thinking, and as added bonus, he put the emotions of Inside Out into Star Wars costumes.

Sadness in a Jedi robe is my favorite thing about this week so far.

Memories of his childhood with his dad had to be running through Ren’s mind, right? If he didn’t reminisce while he was committing the deed, I imagine he felt the pangs soon after. I’m sure the emotions were putting in tons of overtime during the last quarter of the film.

After you take a moment to recover from the blow that image dealt, keep scrolling to check out another doozy. It features various hugs from The Force Awakens, including the intense ones between Leia and Han and Leia and Rey.

I’m not getting teary-eyed, you are.

If you want to see more delightful art, visit the gallery below to see additional examples of Dan’s work and then follow him on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. He occasionally makes originals of his work available in his shop, but they go quickly so you’ll have to keep an eye on his social media feeds to see if he lists anything.

Have your emotions been torn apart? Share all your feelings about this Inside Out and The Force Awakens mash-up with me in the comments.

IMAGES: Dan Hipp


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