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The Best FORCE AWAKENS Fan Fiction Yet: General Hux’s Pet Cat

Do you know why the Internet is awesome? It connects us all, it can bring food to your doorstep in minutes, and it’s full of cats. On the best days, some of those cats will cross paths with other interwebs crazes, like Star Wars. Today is one of those days. Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo recently teased on Twitter that not only does The Force Awakens’ General Hux have a cat named Millicent, but Millicent’s litter box serves as place where Kylo Ren rests his helmet. Hidalgo hashtagged it #canon and everything.

Because we live in fine times, fans took the joke and ran to the ends of the galaxy with it. The idea of the fanatic, intense Hux going back to his quarters at the end of the day and cuddling with a cat is beautiful. In fact, I think the First Order should give every officer a cat. They’d be helping the feral cat problem (every universe has a feral cat problem) and providing stress relief. It’s a win-win. But, we’ll start with Millicent. You can scroll through pages of Millicent fan art and fan fiction on Tumblr and Twitter, but these are some of my top picks:

by ballvvasher

Neko Atsume Millicent by orlofsky

by Katie Cook

by one ice dragon

See more fan art in the gallery below.

And oh, the fan fiction:

It’s only a matter of time before someone names an actual cat Millicent, and that makes me happy.

I have a challenge for you. Create Hux and Millicent fan art or fan fiction and share it with us in the comments or on Twitter. I’ll even help! Finish this story: Hux tasked Ren with taking Millicent to Starkiller Base’s premier cat groomer, but… You tell us the ending.

HT: Pablo Hidalgo


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