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This BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Soundtrack Vinyl Is a Thing of Beauty (Exclusive)

This BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Soundtrack Vinyl Is a Thing of Beauty (Exclusive)

More than any other superhero, Marvel or DC, Batman has always had the best legacy of music attached to his character. From Prince to Hans Zimmer, to Danny Elfman, only the most beloved and talented musicians have tackled the caped crusader’s theme music as he doles out vigilante justice in the streets of Gotham. The latest entry to this long lineage of excellent music (for now overlooking BvS): the official vinyl release of the Batman: Arkham Knight official soundtrack.

IMG_8676 (1)

Boutique record distributors, Enjoy the Ride Records have just announced a beautiful limited release of the adrenaline-pumping, brooding soundtrack from 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight, and it looks seriously killer (but not actually, because Batman has too great a conscience). From the buttery smooth vinyl coloring, which comes in bat black and blood red, to the beautifully appointed inner sleeves featuring a sprawling cast of Batman characters, Nick Arundel’s score has never looked so good. Since the game features an extensive amount of original compositions, Arundel curated the 15 most grabbing tracks for this release. Check out the soundtrack and more images in the gallery below.

IMG_8677 (2)

For a game that marked Rocksteady’s brilliant final installment to a beloved trilogy, Enjoy the Ride has offered up a commensurately great exclusive that fits in nicely with the rest of Batman’s vaunted discography. Either vinyl option is currently limited to 250 copies, so if you want to spin exhilarating music while pretending you are riding in a decked out Batmobile, we suggest acting fast and ordering a copy soon.

Batman: Arkham Night Tracklist


Arkham Knight – Main Theme
Evening the odds
Lost Soul
Inner Demon
All Who Follow You


The Order
Urban Sprawl
The Hunter
Nowhere to Run

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