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ThinkGeek Winds Back the Clock with Their Tesla Watch

Finally we can find a reason to wear wrist watches again. ThinkGeek’s new product, The Tesla Watch, is a fun steampunk-styled wrist watch that is inspired by the works of science nerds’ favorite, Nikola Tesla. This watch screams “throwback” in every aspect of its existence.

According to the description ThinkGeek gives the product, it includes “a weathered-brass look on all the metal parts” and it all rests in between two brown leather straps. The watch even comes with a key to wind it and keep it running because a disk-turbine rotary engine watch would have really increased manufacturing price. The little key can be stored in a small loop on the watch strap, though I know I’d be more likely to lose it that way, or it can be left in its key hole and used as part of the whole steampunk aesthetic of the product.


The part of the watch that really drives home the whole concept is the addition of two red LED lights on the top, designed to look like Vacuum Tubes. Of course, vacuum tubes played a significant role in Nikola Tesla’s electrical research and were a large part in his creation of the first Telsa coil. At the same time, Tesla was not the only person to use him in his experiments, so it is more a steampunk item in general than strictly a Tesla concept. ThinkGeek is smart about advertising, though, and know the steampunk crowd would very well not get behind the Thomas Edison Watch.

You can pick up a Tesla Watch over at ThinkGeek’s online store for $59.99. The question is: will you? Let us know in the comments below!

HT – Laughing Squid

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