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They Made E.T. a ’90s PERFECT STRANGERS-esque Sitcom

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is one of the most genuinely beloved children’s movies ever, a film that many would argue is perfect as any one film could be. But after watching this trailer re-imagining it as a ’90s sitcom—set to the amazing theme song from Perfect Strangers—it appears it might have missed its true calling.

This is the newest entry into Mashable Watercooler‘s series Trailer Mix, where they take movies and re-cut them into different genres or styles, and this is arguably the best one they have ever done.

Not only does it have the tried-and-true formula of a show dealing with a trouble making fish-out-of-water, this trailer is full of 90s opening credits staples, such as someone popping off screen before returning with a big smile, ridiculous situations that make people gasp or laugh way too hard, a male character in female clothing, and lots and lots of hugs and love. This doesn’t merely look like some clever editing, this looks like a real show that was a part of the TGIF lineup on ABC.

Somewhere in an alternate universe, where this show really did follow Family Matters, there is a crossover episode where Steve Urkel meets E.T. and you better believe hilarity ensued. “Did E.T. do that?” I mean the thing writes itself!

Not only is this a tremendous fake trailer, but using the Perfect Strangers theme song gives us just the excuse we need to share our favorite dance number of all-time.

Oh yeah, that brings us back to our happy place.

This is the type of fake trailer that gets someone in Hollywood thinking, “Hmm…that’s….that’s kind of an amazing idea.” So do it. Just do it.

Just use this theme song.

What was your favorite 90s sitcom trope used in the trailer? If you share your thoughts with us in the comments below well do the Dance of Joy.

Images: Universal Pictures

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