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These LABYRINTH Cupcakes Might Remind You of the Babe

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is one of those films that makes people of a certain age flip out. In the right group, you can’t mention the name of the movie without all those present telling stories about when they saw it or discussing favorite their characters. The fact that the movie was released almost 30 years ago doesn’t matter. Instructables user cakesprite clearly still adores the movie and came up with cupcakes featuring Sir Didymus, The Worm, Ludo, and Hoggle. Seeing them makes me want to host a Labyrinth theme party (Jareth costumes would be encouraged).

The baker rates the process of making these cupcakes as easy, and she may be right, but you’ll need patience. A lot of it. Cakesprite used sugar paste in several colors, jam, and white royal icing to sculpt the miniature faces. Creating the cupcake toppers looks a lot like playing with clay.

the worm cupcake in progress

She used a few specific cake decorating tools to push the sugar paste into shape. She shows photo pictures for each step of the way, and since the how-to is so thorough, I feel like I could actually do this. It mostly seems to be about adding the details bit by bit; she’s done the brunt of the hard work figuring out the template and uploading images. The worst thing that could happen if you tried your hand at crafting this designs is that they would look ugly – that doesn’t make the cupcake any less edible.

Labyrinth characters not your cup of tea? Cakesprite also has instructions on making Star Wars toppers and Muppets toppers:

muppets cupcake toppers

star wars cupcake toppers

Get the complete how-to for the Labyrinth cupcakes at Instructables. Anyone think have the patience to make these? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Alisa Cabral says:

    Can NOT wait for the Pinterest Fails!  LOL

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  3. Adam Lawson says:

    Still don’t know why on earth Jim Henson decided Gonzo’s genitals should be on his face…

  4. Mike says:

    What babe?