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The Tribute GAME OF THRONES’ Tyrion Lannister Deserves is Here

Warning: If you go ranging beyond this wall you’ll find Game of Thrones spoilers.

Tyrion Lannister might be known by the derisive moniker of The Imp, but few have stood as tall and have lived as full a life in the Seven Kingdoms—and well beyond its Narrow Sea—on HBO‘s Game of Thrones quite like he has. From saving King’s Landing against the invasion of Stannis and his army, to dealing with the hatred of his sister and his father (whom he killed), to being falsely accused and convicted of murdering his nephew the king, Tyrion’s journey has been one of the most compelling, rewarding, and also haunting, of the entire show.

It’s hard to capture everything he has dealt with in six seasons, but this new tribute video to him from Garo Studios pays proper homage to one of our favorites, a man who more than makes up for what he lacks in physical stature with both wisdom and wit, as well as a compassion we don’t always expect from a Lannister—though we do expect it from some Targaryens…

Tyrion looking dour Just another day in Meereen!
It also helps that the new Hand of the Queen is played to perfection by Peter Dinklage, in a performance that makes him an Emmy favorite year-after-year.

If this video has a familiar feel to it that’s because it was just last week we brought you Garo Studio’s tribute video to the life and death (and second life) of Jon Snow, a man who has many things in common with Tyrion. In fact, they might have a lot more in common, though if that is true neither of them know it.

These videos are very beautifully made, and if you’re like me and love this show and these characters you probably find yourself getting a little verklempt watching them. But that’s fine, because unlike so many other great characters at least they aren’t in memoriam tributes.


What’s your favorite Tyrion plot line? What about a favorite line of his? Talk all things Tyrion with us in the comments below.

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Images: HBO

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