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Disney Animators Band Together for Animated Steampunk Short Film We Must Have

If you had the chance to see a movie made by a team of collaborators who have worked on most of Disney’s catalogue of animated films for the last 20 years, would you take it? Of course you would. Disney animated movies have gotten better and better, in both technology and diversity, and now one animator from the esteemed House of Mouse is putting his talent and experience to good use with the crowd-funded short film Hullabaloo.

Since James Lopez and his team – which includes artists who worked on Frozen, The Princess and The Frog, Lion King, Emperor’s New Groove, Paperman and more – launched the Indiegogo campaign on August 27th, the strength of their art and the heart behind it have raised more than $127k to make the steampunk world of Veronica Daring a reality. The film has two very worthy goals. The first is to save the dying art of 2D animation from the digital cutting room floor. Technology is great and all, but the hand-drawn 2D animated classics you grew up with are art, and as we are aging, so are the men and women who created them. Lopez and his team have added special incentives into the reward packages that include digital art lessons with master craftsmen like himself to inspire a new generation of animators to preserve the methods that bring so much happiness to our lives.

Hullaballo-Veronica Daring animation

The second goal of Hullabaloo is embodied by the lady scientist at the plot’s center, Veronica Daring. That’s her above. The creators of the film hope that the adventures had by Daring and her friend Jules will get girls excited about science, engineering, sci-fi and adventuring. Both Daring and Jules are scientists who rely on their intellect, wits and courage to save the day. We wish we had this kind of movie when we were kids. And we’d be remiss not to mention that all this awesomeness is wrapped up in a package bristling with steampunk designs, amazing machines, and a plot to save the world.

Signed Art Book - Hullaballo

Rewards for the campaign include fascinating steampunk props, a gorgeous art book that this writer wants desperately for her coffee table, art lessons and many more. Though the campaign has reached its first goal, the more money the project raises, the more this awesome team of artists and producers will be able to do with it. While the current grandest goal is a fully produced short film, they make plain that a web series, TV show, or even full-length feature aren’t off the table. For the love of all the Disney movies you watched as a kid, go check out Hullabaloo and tell yourself you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Which of these characters are you already planning to cosplay? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Mark says:

    Eye Spy with my Little Eye … a Large Ivory “Steampunk” Penis over the shoulder of our “Animator” guest. PS  I would still love to see this film.Just sayin’.

    • Audrey says:

      Lol yea the shape is kind of similar but it is actually a haunted mansion bust from the disney ride