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The Tommy Wiseau AMA Went Exactly How You Think It Did

Yesterday, writer/director/producer/actor/cult-icon Tommy Wiseau held an AMA over on Reddit, and yes, it was just as awkwardly amazing as you’d expect. Tommy took on some of the hard hitting questions one expects from those redditors, and he answered them all in stride. Well, most of the time he answered them.

One redditor asked Tommy what he would do differently if he could go back in time and remake The Room, and thanked him for the underwear that gets sold with every copy of the film’s script. This seemed to excite Tommy, as can be seen in his answer: “Yeah, well, thank you for the script, yes. We sell the script with underwear. I design the underwear. Not just the leather jacket, but to respond to your question, definitely – definitely the aspect of what we are doing is entertainment. That’s what we do. That’s all I want to say.”

When asked what advice he could give to a groom-to-be to get the best awkward laughter out of playing football with his groomsmen, Tommy instead decided to ask to be invited to the wedding…we think. “Absolutely. I encourage you to do that number 1. And don’t call me Mr. Wiseau, I hate that, but I wish you luck in new direction in my life, and play football before you to go bed, and play football before you drink, before you get tipsy. ABSOLUTELY – be the first one! Send me the clip! Absolutely! An invitation maybe! I wish you luck!”


He also finally ended years of suspense when he was asked if Claudette from The Room recovered from her breast cancer. He assured everyone that she survived, and also confirmed there will be a sequel to the film, “And also 3-d, eventually.” He also made sure to let everyone know the dog from the flower shop was a real dog. “I love dogs. And by the way, that was a real dog, from the owner of the flower shop! And I want to clarify this, the dog made $100. The dog was under contract.”

Finally, when asked about his future projects, Tommy let us in on the things he has planned. “Yeah, I am working on new project, it’s called THE FORECLOSURE, we will be casting soon, we have already soon, and we have a vampire movie. And THE NEIGHBORS, we have 12 episodes of THE NEIGHBORS.” He was also asked if he would be involved with James Franco’s documentary about the making of The Room. “Aw, I support him 100% perfect. He is very cool guy. But at this time, we have agreement, I cannot talk about it. He is very dedicate actor. We have a lot in common James Dean for example. Next question!”
Read the entire AMA here, and leave us a comment below about your favorite question and answer from the man himself.
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  1. Taylor Anne says:

    “I am America.” Tommy Wiseau 2016!

  2. John says:

    Excerpt from Greg Sestero’s book, the “Disaster Artist”:, a personal account of the filming of The Room:

    “…Tommy said he would recite to me the security code [to his apartment] he’d written down earlier. While he recited the numbers, I was to type them in. The security code was 1-2-3-4. I asked Tommy why he bothered writing that down. Tommy responded that he wrote it down because he could never remember it.”

  3. niizuma says:

    i have no idea what the hell tommy is saying in each of his responses id like to pass said responses through a wiseau to english translator 

  4. Danny Y. says:

    Yeah…but how’s his sex life?