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Episode 31: The Todd Glass Show
Paul F. Tompkins and Daniel …
The Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #31: Paul F. Tompkins and Daniel Kinno (part 2)

It’s the long awaited (OK, only a week) second part of the Paul F. Tompkins and Daniel Kinno episode!

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  1. Julia says:

    I just love it when Blake snaps. So great.

  2. Zach Coty says:

    These two episodes were fantastic. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for doing the Family Guy thing again, I really do love that a lot for some reason. Also, give Blake another shot. I mean, sure, he was way out of line, but he’s making progress. Accepting that you should see a doctor can often cause I false sense of betterness which can often stop people from actually seeing a doctor. I know this because I dropped out of psychology school.

  3. pete says:

    Love Todd Glass and Paul F Tompkins!

    PFT thank you so much for the song “Losers” at the end. Gives me chills!

  4. Josh says:

    Oh man, great two-parter Todd. And I loved the first 10 minutes — PFT is clearly one of the best! And when I write “PFT”, btw, the “F” stands for “Freakin”.

    Anyway, one thing on the “Maron-thing”: Maybe one of the reasons so many people think they can see the secrets people keep is that we’re all in the closet about something. But we should all be accepting and loving of whatever a person is, and whomever they choose to be (as long as no one gets hurt). But I think all of your listeners can relate to keeping certain aspects of their life secret, and feeling pretty certain that even our dearest and closest friends keep things to themselves.

  5. Abbey says:

    Not joking, I had to take a shot from my inhaler I was laughing so hard at the Blake Wexler bit.

    This episode (including part one) is my favorite so far. I love me some PTF.

  6. Atrox says:

    Seinfeld on the phone bit fucking creased me. Gasping for breath and everything. The things I would do to be in a room with these guys, even for a few minutes, are obscene.

    Glass 2012.

  7. onReload says:

    I have to say, I’m straight, and my friend used to drive my car all over the place…he just liked to drive, and I preferred daydreaming and yelling at people from the windows.

    …or I’m gay and don’t know it yet. Great second half, great discussions. Also thank god for Blake Wexler bringing in the ending, it’s amazing how uncomfortable yet hilarious that whole bit is.

    “You feel ‘fuckin’ amazing’?”

  8. QuasarSniffer says:

    But cbunghole, Mr. Tompkins’ accent is perhaps the most accurate representation of the speech patterns spoken in the Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis that I have ever heard.

  9. Hesper says:

    Oh I love Jerry Seinfeld. Hahaa!

  10. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III says:

    I have to say when Todd asked if there was a song that Paul knew the meaning of more than anyone else, I really expected it to lead to Paul’s Anne Murray bit.

  11. cbunghole says:

    wow that impression by PFT at the beginning was awful. i cant believe they let it go on for almost 10 minutes. really difficult to listen to