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Episode 101: The Todd Glass Show
Blake Wexler
The Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #101: Blake Wexler

It’s fan favorite Blake Wexler on today’s show! Lots of laughs, bits and more!

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  1. Jason says:

    AgentJarrod, no you didn’t. You’ll never stop listening.

  2. AgentJarrod says:

    Well, this was the episode that finally made me unsubscribe on iTunes.

  3. robopanda says:

    Not intending to detract from Jason Collins, but he’s not the first openly gay actively-playing professional athlete. Major-league baseball player Glenn Burke came out in 1976 and continued playing. Most people just don’t know about it because interviewers wouldn’t print anything he said about his sexuality. He later said, “I think everyone just pretended not to hear me. It just wasn’t a story they were ready to hear.”

    Burke is mostly known now as the co-inventor of the high-five.

  4. pbnews says:

    I’ve been listening to local sports radio in a somewhat “red” state, and the callers have been overwhelmingly supportive of Jason Collins. The fact that possibly the most macho, undereducated cleavage in the universe (sports radio listeners) are coming around makes me feel a weird tinge that I’ve never really felt before. I think it might be pride in my country.

  5. Anthony Httr Pickett says:

    Just me again.

  6. Spencer says:

    Great Episode!