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THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS Novel Gets a Mysterious New Trailer

Although cult classic television series Twin Peaks isn’t set to return to the airwaves on Showtime until early next year, there will be one major piece of the puzzle Twin Peaks fans will have to chew on in the meantime —  series co-creator Mark Frost’s novel The Secret History of Twin Peaks, which is scheduled to arrive on October 18th from Tor/Flatiron Books.

The book is described by the publisher as “a vastly layered, wide-ranging history that deepens the mysteries of the iconic town in ways that will thrill disciples of the original series, and will prepare fans for the upcoming Showtime series like nothing else out there.​” Instead of a traditional novel, the new book will include all kinds of documents, ranging from the founding of the town in the 19th century, up to the events of the original TV series, and possibly beyond, explaing things that happened in the 25-year gap between the old show and the new.

If you look at the preview video, which you can view above, eagle eyed viewers can spot interesting things that could be clues into what the new series could be about. There are documents about the childhood disappearance of Margaret Lanterman, who, as fans know, grows up to be the Log Lady. (Her disappearance into the Black Lodge was mentioned once on the original show.) There are also documents pertaining to Project Sign and Project Blue Book, the real life government investigation into UFO’s that was touched upon in the series.

Most interestingly, the last document shown in the video is dated 2016, and is a letter from FBI Chief Gordon Cole (played by series co-creator David Lynch in the series) to an unknown special agent whose name is blacked out, about a dossier of files about Agent Cooper’s investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer. It’s rumored that this unnamed agent will be one of the main characters of the new series.

You can see some preview images from the new book in our gallery below, and be sure to check out the whole video above.

Are you excited about exploring this new layer of the Twin Peaks mystery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: Tor/Flatiron Books


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