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The Next GAME OF THRONES Could See a Daring but Destructive Rescue

This post contains major spoilers for last week’s Game of Thrones as well as discussion of the preview for next week’s. If you want to avoid them don’t cross the waters of this Narrow Warning.


The preview for next week’s Game of Thrones promises to pick up where the last ended, with the travels of the new, snowier version of the Suicide Squad. We’ll see what happens when a small group of brave men, none of whom understand the value of horses, head out for a meeting with tens of thousands of dead soldiers.

Their predicament could point towards an exciting rescue next week–if they survive at all.

A pre-season trailer showed many shots of Jon north of the Wall in what we now know is related to this group’s attempt at capturing a wight. We discussed then how it seemed to show Jon all alone and trapped in a sort of White Walker fighting pit, and the explosive possibilities of that potential situation.

Whether that moment will come this week or the week after in the season finale we can’t be sure, but this preview does confirm just how dire the situation is for the good guys, as we see them engaged in a fight with the massive White Walker army before they have to flee.

It seems like an impossible situation to escape on their own (without horses!), which is why we doubt all of them will make it back alive (we JUST got Gendry back). So if anyone does escape it will likely be thanks to a daring rescue, and there are likely three ways that could happen.

Bran Wargs an Animal Rescue: He controlled a murder of crows in this episode, so could he do something like bring out a family of bears to save Jon and his cohorts this time? Or at least use the crows and other birds to slow the army of the dead long enough for our boys to run away? Bran can see this happening in the present, or by looking back at some point in the future, so why wouldn’t he do something to help them?

When Sam and Gilly were alone after the mutiny at Crasters, they were warned by a flock of crows about the White Walker coming for little Sam. That very well might have been Bran Stark warging into into them, just like he did in last night’s episode.

Benjen Stark Saves (Part of) the Day: Dead-ish Benjen Stark said he still fights for the living, and he promised Bran and Meera he would fight as hard as he can for as long as he can. He’s smart enough to use a horse, which means he could ride in and save at least one (:coughJoncough:) of the men before they are all killed, either by rescuing them or giving that Jon man his horse.

Surprise Dragon Rescue: The most exciting possibility is also the least likely, since Daenerys can’t seem to turn her attention away from Cersei. However, if she suddenly decides that this mission, which Jorah is a part of, is too risky, she could quickly head north (everyone goes everywhere quickly now) with Drogon and come to their rescue at the last second. It would be awesome, but there’s something very dangerous to consider about this possibility.

Her arrival at the Wall next week would seemingly be far too soon for the show. Why wouldn’t she then just bathe the army of the dead in dragonflame, basically ending the series seven episodes too soon? That obviously doesn’t make sense, unless she were to arrive at the Wall and fail to eliminate the White Walkers. That failure would mean Drogon was killed. And that means a dead dragon would land at the feet of the Night King.

This preview opens with Beric, a man who has literally defeated death, talking to Jon, another man who has literally defeated death, by saying this: “Death is the enemy, the first enemy and the last. The enemy always wins. And we still need to fight him.” That’s not exactly a heartwarming message, but if anyone can beat death maybe it is these two men who have already done so. Of course, if the Night King gets his own dragon, that might not be possible, especially if he uses it to bring down the Wall.

Daenerys arriving with Drogon would be the most exciting rescue, but potentially the most destructive, which is why we’re rooting for Benjen and his horse to show up and save them.

Seriously guys, horses. Horses.

What do you think of this preview? What do you think will happen next week? Warg into our comments section below and let us know.

Images: HBO

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