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The Negotiation Dance: Imagining “Avengers 2” With a Different Cast

It’s never too early to speculate about the next installment of your favorite movie franchise. Take The Avengers, for example: You can think about what the next one will be about, what Thanos will be up to, who’ll play Tony Stark…

Wait, what?

Okay, look, the chances that Robert Downey Jr. won’t be Iron Man are remote, no matter what hints he throws around. But there’s a piece by Nikki Finke over at that analyzes the pending negotiations for Downey and the rest of the cast to return for Avengers 2, especially in the wake of Iron Man 3‘s success, and the article points out that much of the cast, including Downey, remains unsigned and Marvel has the reputation of being less-than-free-spending. There’s also the matter of pay disparity between Downey and some of the other stars, like $50 million versus $200,000. But with all the posturing — Finke says that Marvel “already has threatened to sue or recast when contracts and/or options are challenged” — and the concern — Joss Whedon discusses Hollywood’s attitude where “the studios have gotten to a point where they’re like, ‘Do we need that star?’ With what they’re able to to digitally and the way they create franchises there’s a little bit of a feeling of, maybe we can eliminate the actor” — it’s unlikely that anything will derail Avengers 2.

But casting changes happen. Hey, how many Hulks have we seen? And Terrence Howard didn’t make it from Iron Man to the sequels, did he? We’re not going to see Robert Downey Jr. replaced…. right? Let’s look at Avengers 2: which characters could you live with being recast, and which are absolutely, unconditionally off-limits? Can you picture someone other than Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury now? Would you notice if Chris Evans was replaced? And if you were the studio and, for whatever reason, you had to recast the sequel, who would be adequate replacements? Comment below. And, no, I don’t think Adam Sandler is quite right for Tony Stark. Hawkeye, maybe.

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  1. vega vapp says:

    Tony Stark : Brad Pitt , Thor : Paul Levesque , Steve Rodgers : Nathan Fillion , Bruce Banner : Norman Reedus , Natasha Romanov : Milla Jovovich , Nick Fury : Wesley Snipes , Hawkeye : Jensen Ackles

    • vega vapp says:

      if i had to change any of them ! I like it now and i’m not worried because they know what might not be a big cash grab now , it boosts their career and they get more roles …. they also have paid comic-con appearances to fall back on if they ever fall off !!! LOL !!!

  2. BobL says:

    Johnny Depp as Iron Man. No one would complain.

  3. Gregalicious says:

    Listen. They are not recasting anyone. And nobody could replace RDJ, Chris Evans, or any of them. People just need to relax. I remain completely hopeful, as is my way.

  4. Gregalicious says:

    Listen. They are not recasting anyone. And nobody could replace RDJ, Chris Evans, or any of them. People just need to relax. Marvel has to know how stupid they would be of they did something completely idiotic like that. I remain completely hopeful, as is my way.

  5. Lucy says:

    I’m sad that a lot of people think Chris Evans is completely replaceable. I think he IS Captain America at this point.

  6. Anthony says:

    Stark: For when Downey moves on, maybe Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey or maybe Clive Owen, if he could do an American accent.

    Rogers/Cap: Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome from “Chuck”) or Armie Hammer

    Banner/Hulk: Ruffalo is good as is. If not him, David Tennant or Sharlto Copley.

    Thor: Hemsworth is good, but could be a little taller. Doesn’t really matter. Charlie Hunnam would have been a pretty good choice too. Any blonde pro-wrestler would physically match but couldn’t act as well.

    I’d prefer a skinnier/more fit, taller Black Widow (even though Scarlett is beautiful) and any white guy can play Hawkeye. Sam Jackson is perfect as Fury.

  7. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    Idris Elba as everyone even the women characters 🙂

  8. Fish says:

    From what I’ve heard… RDJ and Hemsworth are the two that aren’t signed yet for Avengers 2, while Chris Evans is. Now considering the rumors that Whedon spilled about a brother/sister team appearing in the film… seems to me Avengers 2 could easily be written to match actual comic book continuity where the original Avengers all leave and the team becomes Captain America, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye.

    I think that might be a bit *too much* change for a lot of the going public… but it does raise some interesting possibilities.

  9. Aaron says:

    Objection: Speculation!

  10. Shayde says:

    Downey Jr is a dealbreaker, but they could recast just about all the other people other than Sam Jackson. Maybe Helmsworth is necessry.

  11. Hooper says:

    Of course! But he thinks he can just walk the role and he can’t.

  12. Overlord says:

    You guys DO know that the black Nick Fury as originated in the Ultimate Comics WAS modeled after Sam Jackson, right?

  13. Hooper says:

    Fassbender would be absolutely wasted as Loki. This is guy on another level. He could be Vision! And Hardy as Hawk-guy? Reeeally?

    If you’re going to recast Loki I call David Tennant!

    And Jerry, you’re right. Instead of recasting Tony and Cap, f they want to leave have Cheadle take over as the patriot. He’d be a good, state-sponsored leader and help the black representation on the team.

  14. Three Toes of Fury says:

    For some reason which eludes me i cant focus much this month…its as if there’s some looming, amazing release, to, perhaps, a rental dvd/streaming site, that is consuming my thoughts. Its as if someone, suddenly, was able to release new episodes of one of the greatest tv shows of all time….i just cant remember what it is…hmmm.

    Oh well, here’s my picks:

    Tony Stark: Gob Bluth
    Thor: Tobias Funke
    Hulk George Michael Bluth
    Black Widow Maybe Bluth-Funke
    Hawkeye Buster Bluth
    Captain America Michael Bluth
    Nick Fury Franklin (with eyepatch)

    Peace & Its….Avengers Development

    3ToF (queue the music…”its the finalllll countdownnnnn”)

  15. John Henry says:

    While it would be an awful shame to lose the chance to see Cobie Smulders or ScarJo in their ever-so-functional and scalding hot SHIELD wear, I’m going to suggest an all My-Man-Crushes refresh of the male cast:

    o) Charlie Hunnam = Thor

    o) Morris Chestnut = Nick Fury

    o) Alex Skarsgård = Cap

    o) Tom Hardy = Hawkeye

    o) Michael Fassbender = Loki (Is Loki involved in the sequel? If not, make him Banner.)

    o) RDJ = Iron Man, because come the f*ck on…

  16. Waltimus says:

    I heard Tyler Perry has already been offered the role of both Tony Stark and the Hulk

  17. Adam says:

    They could be crazy meta and blow some minds by casting Guy Pearce as Tony Stark in the Avengers. You know he has the acting chops.

    Gerard Butler would be a good Nick Fury, but I know they don’t want the cast that monochrome.

  18. Nick says:

    Keith David would be a badass Nick Fury 😀

    Also, I could see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Iron Man – it’d piss me off if they replaced Chris Evans as the Cpn though, he’s plays the character well 🙂

  19. jerry says:

    ok… i know theres going to be some hate/spoiler hate coming for this comment… but here i go:
    do we need tony stark to be ironman??? i mean….. after IM3.. they kinda left that plot open for don cheedle/iron patriot to take over the franchise didnt they???

  20. T_ says:

    Now Wesley Snipes or even Keith David (or some unknown up-and-coming actor would be a better Nick Fury…

  21. T says:

    Lance Reddick would be a better Black Panther…

  22. Mojo says:

    Lance Reddick as Fury! YES! Please!

  23. Hooper says:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan might look like RDJ but he doesn’t have that much pazazz of vim really. You’d need someone to bring their own turn on the character and not just an RDJ impression, almost like a Doctor, a new regeneration.
    If they do recast they should take a chance. I would have said Sam Rockwell if he hadn’t already been wasted in Iron Man 2.

    Cap should have been Will Smith but yeah, you could easily replace him with someone like Jamie Bamber from BSG or Chris Hardwick (wink wink nod).
    I really hope they actually do recast Nick Fury, Jackson just phones in the performance and it’s really boring to watch. They need someone edgier, more nuanced, like an older chiwetel ejiofor or Lance Reddick.
    Recasting Hulk would be such a huge mistake since Ruffolo is the best thing to happen to the character since Stan Lee invented him.
    I always wanted Kevin McKidd to play Thor!

  24. Rokku says:

    Perry Michael SImon, are you trying to fill my heart with fear so that you can harvest it?

  25. Jay says:

    The only actor I could see stepping in would be Jeffrey Dean Morgan taking over as Iron Man/Tony Stark if Downey’s contract gets too rich.