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The BATTLEFIELD: HARDLINE PC Beta Just Opened Up For Everyone

Don’t have a PS4 and bummed that you missed the open beta for Battlefield: Hardline? You’re in luck: Visceral Games and EA just opened up the PC beta for the cops and robbers shooter so you can get in there and see what the game is all about.

Visceral is offering some goodies for the main game and Battlefield 4 if you hop in the beta, including in-game cash and dog tags:

– Weapon camo/skin in Battlefield Hardline
– Weapon sight in Battlefield Hardline
– Additional Battlefield Hardline content
– Unique dog tag in Battlefield 4

During E3, Dan had a chance to chat with the minds behind the game and offer some insight into how very different this will be from your typical Battlefield, as Visceral shifts the focus away from loose nukes in the main series to loose cash.

I had some time to check out the E3 demo and I’m still chewing it over. The level we played – set amid a series of abandoned office buildings – didn’t have the same kind of rapid-fire intensity of the main Battlefield games. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – just different. The smaller teams (I’m blanking on the numbers participating in the demo, but it was definitely less than in a Battlefield 3 or 4 firefight) had to be a little more deliberate in the demo’s urban sprawl, with lots more cover offering opportunities to avoid getting shot in the head and chest. The objective-based multiplayer meant humping it from one end of the map to the other to snag the other team’s loot in order to get it back to your own vault, making it feel like a multi-objective capture the flag, while the vehicle handling left much to be desired.

Interested? Head over to the beta sign-up page.

[Source: Battlefield via GameInformer]

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