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THE 100 Season 3 Premiere Recap: ‘Wanheda: Part One’

Warning: major spoilers below! Do not read until you’ve seen The 100‘s season three premiere, “Wanheda: Part One.” You’ve been warned …

The 100 fans, our show is back! After almost a year, we’re finally, finally back to our favorite post-apocalyptic war zone.

Feels good, right? Savor it, because it’s the last time we’re going to feel such happiness and relief. The 100 is back to being its ruthless, vicious and brutal self … and it’s better than ever. Let’s recap all the action!

Season two ended with Murphy finding the “City of Light,” and season three opens at that exact same moment. But after watching the home video left in the bunker, the containment door suddenly sealed Murphy inside the hatch. He understandably freaked out, but finished watching the suicide note film. He realized he’s watching the last moments of the man responsible for letting “A.L.I.E.” out, thereby ending the world as they knew it. A.L.I.E., the A.I., fixed the root problem of the world: too many people. And that’s the only entertainment he had for the next three months, since the doors opened 86 days later. Yikes. When they finally did, the dirty, unshaven, unkempt and drastically pale and malnourished Murphy followed a drone to A.L.I.E.’s home, where a well-taken-care-of Jaha greeted the less-than-thrilled, weak Murphy, who promptly passed out in his arms.

The 100

When he finally woke up, Murphy wasn’t as into this whole “City of Light” idea that Jaha was, and it seems that spending the past three months with A.L.I.E. has only made Jaha more of a religious nutjob than he already was. Almost unbearably so. He thinks A.L.I.E. “saved” the world, instead of ending it. Um, we’re pretty sure she launched a full-scale nuclear holocaust, dude. That doesn’t sound like “saving” anything to us.

But as Murphy quickly learned, over the past few months, Jaha converted the nuclear warhead into a power source and A.L.I.E. has been continuing the “work” she began with her creator 100 years ago. That … can’t be good. Murphy knows that too, and he didn’t believe Jaha when he told him that some sort of tech/pill can take him to the City of Light, where there’s no pain, no hate, no envy … it sounds way too good to be true. Murphy only joined Jaha on his boat journey to … somewhere … when he saw his old Grounder friend Emori driving it. Road trip?

Back at Camp Jaha (which has been renamed Arkadia), Bellamy and Lincoln decided to spar shirtless (thank you, The 100), before Bellamy gifted him with a guard’s uniform. He’s officially a part of the Skaikru (which Octavia was not happy about — she still wants to leave Arkadia the first chance they get). But he can’t join the rest of the guard on mapping missions just yet (especially the ones near the Ice Nation/Azgeda border) because the Grounder kill order on him still stands.

Jasper, on the other hand, has been forced to go out on scouting missions by Monty and Bellamy in order to get him out of his funk. His grief for Maya hasn’t lessened one bit, and he’s become a hot mess. Drunk all the time, guilt-tripping Monty, punching Shawn Mendes in the face, just causing all sorts of problems for everyone. It is rough to see.

The 100

Something that’s going to be rough for all Bellarke shippers? Bellamy’s got himself a girlfriend, and it ain’t Clarke! She’s actually a pretty sweet girl, but something tells us that she could be a freaking angel sent from heaven and that still wouldn’t be enough to pacify Bellarke shippers. Sorry, y’all. We’re just happy to see Bellamy so happy. It’s been so long!

In the Chancellor’s office, Abby confided in Kane about missing Clarke. Turns out they’ve been sending search parties out for her for the past three months, all with no luck. Clarke just doesn’t want to be found. Abby also wanted to keep making supply runs to Mount Weather, which Lincoln advised against. If it looks like the Skaikru is colonizing Mount Weather, their truce with Lexa will break, and it will be all-out war with the Grounders, again. And the Skaikru just can’t survive that.

On their mapping mission, Jasper, Raven, Bellamy, Monty and Miller all share a really cool music moment thanks to the Violent Femmes, which served to show us that even in these dark and dangerous times, life still goes on. Too bad Octavia missed the party, since she was riding horseback beside their truck (because of course she does). But the fun immediately stopped when they came across an Ark tracking beacon signal from Farm Station inside the Ice Nation borders. They should go back to Arkadia to get the Chancellor’s permission to cross the border, but since Monty’s family and Miller’s boyfriend are from Farm Station and have been missing since they landed on Earth, they decided to throw caution to the wind and find the source of the signal right then. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Wrong. They immediately found a bunch of Ice Nation warriors (telltale sign: white war paint) carrying the Farm Station beacon, and the Grounders thought the Arkers were looking for something or someone called “Wanheda.” Jasper stupidly tried to take the beacon from one of them, and so the warrior tried to slit Jasper’s throat with a knife (and Jasper just smiled the whole time … creepy). That’s when the Arkers opened fire, and Octavia shish kabobbed one of them. Before they could figure out what to do or how to clean up the huge mess they just created, physically and metaphorically, Kane called the scout group to sector four to meet him.

The cW

Bellamy made Octavia take the wounded Jasper back to Arkadia on horseback while he and Monty met Kane, who was meeting with Indra. She wanted to warn them that Clarke was currently being hunted by literally everyone in the 12 Grounder clans. There’s a bounty on her head because she’s become known as the mysterious “Wanheda,” aka the commander of death. Grounders believe if you kill someone, you get their power. And since Clarke just killed all of Mount Weather, there’s a ton of power to claim from her death. The Ice Nation queen is especially interested in Wanheda’s power, so she will finally have the power to break the coalition and start a war with Lexa for control over everything.

Over the past three months, however, Clarke had gone full Grounder in hiding, hunting for food to trade at Grounder trading posts. Not going to lie, we didn’t think Clarke could become any more badass … but she totally has. She’s even a redhead now! She made a Grounder friend too, Niylah, who works in a trading post. And when we say friend, we mean, ahem, special friend.

The 100

How did Clarke know she could trust this random Grounder? Niylah helped send off bounty hunters in the wrong direction when they came looking for Wanheda at the trading post, and kept Clarke’s secret. That’s when they partook in a little, ahem ahem, alone time with each other. If Clarke isn’t going to let herself feel any real emotions, at least she can feel a connection with a trusted ally! But on her walk of shame home from the trading post, Clarke got captured by the Grounder bounty hunter that was looking for her earlier. He knew she was Wanheda all along. Damn.

And she’s not the only one in some major trouble: on their way to check out Grounder scouting posts for any signs of Clarke, the motley crew of Bellamy, Monty, Kane and Indra find themselves in the middle of a trap. Oh snap!

What did you think of the jam-packed season three premiere of The 100?

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Images: The CW

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