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THE 100’s Full Season 3 Trailer is Here and ‘No One Is Safe’

Fans of The 100 know that no one is safe from death (or fates worse than death) on The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama. But now the official season three trailer is saying it explicitly: “No one is safe.” And based on the just released, two-and-a-half minute, action-packed video, it’s clear that The 100 is once again pulling no punches when it comes to blowing up everything for all the characters. Did you ever doubt it would?!

Take a deep breath in, prepare yourself and press play on the first full season three trailer above now.

Whoa. Now let’s take a moment to let all that settle in. What did we just watch? Let’s break it down, shot-by-shot, shall we?

0:07: The trailer wastes no time in giving fans what they want: Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is back, and she’s gone full Grounder. And is that her ex, Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), at the end of Clarke’s knife? The last time we saw these two together, Lexa had just sold out Clarke’s people to the Mountain Men. No wonder their reunion is less-than-loving.

0:18: Bellamy (Bob Morley) stayed at Camp Jaha while Clarke left after they both massacred everyone inside Mount Weather to save their people. And it looks like he hasn’t let himself off the hook for that decision yet, three months later. Not even Kane’s (Henry Ian Cusick) words of comfort will help.

0:20: Explosion! Is Raven (Lindsey Morgan) up to her old tricks?

0:22: Jaha (Isaiah Washington) has made it home to Camp Jaha. But he’s brought the mysterious A.I. from the City of Light with him. Why did he think bringing her to his people was a good idea?

The 100

0:29: Kane warns Bellamy that the threat to their people is inside the walls of Camp Jaha. This is also when we get our first glimpse of Pike (Michael Beach), a “tough and charismatic member of the Ark with a staunch moral code.” Is he about to start another war with the Grounders to take over their land?

0:34: Kane is being imprisoned?! Something tells us Pike and he are going to have differing opinions on going to war.

0:38: Bellarke! It may take them a while, but Bellamy and Clarke will finally reunite. Unfortunately, it won’t be for any good reason. Bellamy might be on a different side than Clarke in the upcoming war.

0:40: Clexa fans, here’s the shot you’ve been waiting for. Despite holding Lexa at knifepoint earlier in the trailer, now they’re seen riding horses, side-by-side. Are they going to team up once more? Will Clarke be able to trust her?

0:43: Clarke and Lexa come upon a field full of dead bodies. Are they Grounders? Which faction of Grounders are they? What killed them? It’s clear that this season’s body count is going to top last season’s in no time at all.

0:53: Uh oh, there’s trouble in paradise for BFFs Jasper (Devon Bostick) and Monty (Chris Larkin). These once happy-go-lucky friends are having trouble coping with what happened inside of Mount Weather last season.

0:58: And it looks like Jasper still hasn’t forgiven Clarke for killing all the people inside Mount Weather. He still thinks he could have saved everyone if she had only waited for him.

1:04: Raven thinks she’s “just broken.” Is she talking about her injured leg, or does something even worse happen to her this season?

1:06: Jaha takes Murphy (Richard Harmon) to meet Ali, the A.I. in control of the City of the Light. But since Murphy knows that the A.I. is responsible for the nuclear holocaust that ended the world 97 years ago, will he be able to convince Jaha not to trust it?

1:15: But wait, is Ali crying? Does she have the capacity to feel in her?

1:22: Wait, wait, wait! Is that Kane making out with Abby (Paige Turco)?! Finally!

1:24: Whoa, Clarke really has gone full Grounder. Check out those back tattoos! Also, she’s a redhead now?!

1:26: Linctavia fans, get ready to screen shot. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) are still going strong.

1:35: Murphy’s going on a trip somewhere. But where? And with who?

The 100

1:36: Now here’s the Bellarke moment we’ve been waiting for. Does this hug look better than their season two reunion hug?

1:46: Pike, the new Arker, feels the same way about all Grounders: they deserve to die. Does he feel the same way about Arkers who have adopted the Grounder way of life? If so, Octavia better watch her back.

1:55: Octavia says her brother “is on the wrong side.” In the upcoming Grounder vs. Arker war, the Blake siblings are going to find themselves at odds. But is Bellamy siding with the Grounders? He’s in full Grounder gear. If so, what does that mean for Octavia, who used to side with the Grounders?

2:03: “No one is safe.” Yeah, tell us something we don’t know.

2:06: It’s Bellamy vs. Lincoln, round 301. But is this training, or are they fighting for real?

2:12: Monty, why do you have a gun?! Who are you shooting?!

2:16: Octavia is beating the crap out of Bellamy. Looks like this war is about to get personal for the Blakes.

2:21: “You’re dead to me.” So. Heartbreaking. #PrayForTheBlakes

2:30: “May we meet again.” We’re so close, The 100 fans!

What did you think of the full season three trailer? Hit the comments section below to weigh in now!

Images/video: The CW

The 100 season three premieres Thursday, January 21 on The CW.

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