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The Science of Thanos’ INFINITY WAR Moon Throw

[Don’t worry, no spoilers here.]

You know, it’s not always fun breaking down the science of cool scenes in popular movies, but this…this does put a smile on my face, because what may go down as the biggest on-screen assemblage of super heroes and villains contains a wonderfully geeky thought experiment. What would it really take for Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to bring down a moon?

In my latest episode of Because Science, I’m breaking down the now famous Thanos moon throw scene that we heard about in the D23 and Comic-Con trailers, as well as saw in some exclusive images. How much stone-powered force would it take to pull a moon down from orbit to the surface of a planet to smash Avenger-face? What would happen if a moon hit a planet like Thanos’ “Titan”? Even when a weapon is breaking reality itself, science can help settle it.

Now I will admit that I had to shoot this episode well before the film came out. And after seeing the film, I may or may not be a bit off the mark. Either way, I think we can learn something from this exercise in geekery!

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