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Science Defends THE LAST JEDI’s “Plot Holes”

The Last Jedi is certainly the most controversial Star Wars film to date. Go seemingly anywhere online and you’ll see threads and videos and post all pointing out “plot holes” and points of contention. I’m not here to say whether or not the film was good or bad (read our review!), but I am here to say that if you apply a little science to the galaxy far, far away—as I always do—many of these alleged “plot holes” make perfect sense.

In my latest episode of Because Science, I’m taking a look at three of the biggest problems you had with the film that dealt with scientific accuracy. They all have to do with certain space scenes. Why did the Rebel ships appear to slow down when they ran out of fuel? How could General Organa pull herself back to her ship through empty space? And why would bombs dropped in microgravity fall down instead of float?

I think there are perfectly reasonable answers to all of these questions, but for the specifics you’ll have to watch my latest episode above. You’re welcome Rian Johnson.

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