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Because Science

The Scientific Truth About Space War

Very few among pop culture’s vast number of space war stories endeavor to show the realities of what battle would be like in the void. Star Wars imagines space war like a series of World War II dogfights, while Star Trek show us naval-like battles where ships are close enough to see each other out of giant windows. But extrapolating from the possible future of space travel and current technology, the realistic vision of a war in space would be so much cooler, and so much weirder, than anything we see in the biggest space-based franchises.

In my latest episode of Because Science, I’m running through another edition of how science would change a battle on the final frontier. The biggest changes a more realistic view brings are distance, direction, and defeat. You might not be able to ever see your enemy, daring maneuvers are likely pointless, and the battle could end not with a graveyard of floating debris, but with sweaty captains waving the white flag (inside their ships where there is air, of course).

You ready to engage? Check out my latest episode above!

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