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Team Nerdist

TEAM NERDIST: These Black Friday Deals Really Suck

When there’s something strange, but the deals look good, who ya gonna call? Team Nerdist!

That’s right, gang, it’s time to suit up and join Team Nerdist on an adventure of thrifty proportions. We’re talkin’ Black Friday, we’re talkin’ good deals, and we’re definitely talkin’ Ghostbusters homages, my friends. Thankfully this year, the gang—Jessica Chobot, Malik Forté, Dan Casey, and Kyle Hill—has way, way over-prepared for the good deals to come with a little help from our buds over at Dyson.


Because without their handy-dandy, MAX-imized super-suckers (that’s a technical term), Jessica, Dan, Malik, and Kyle wouldn’t be able to outwit and out-nab the doorbuster-coveting competition. Thankfully, they’re prepared with the high-octane brilliance of James Dyson’s inventive improvement on the ol’ fashioned vacuum cleaner.

Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility—so don’t let all that cyclonic cleaning power get the best of you (unless two-for-one old DVDs are on the agenda. Because in that case: all bets are off. It’s not every day you can buy Bruce Almighty for a dollar). It’s all about riding the smooth stream of air towards the metaphorical centrifugal force that is buying holiday gifts. (Hey, listen: we can’t all be great at groundbreaking vacuum metaphors, OK?)


So join us as we premiere Team Nerdist: Dyson Dealbusters, brought to you by the fine-feathered (and lint-free) folks over at Dyson. Now get out of our way: we’ve got some televisions to pilfer!

What would you suck up with your MAX-powered Dyson vacuum cleaner? (Remember: people aren’t allowed!) Let us know in the comments below.

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