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“Hakuna matata” is a great philosophy, but when you’re trying to evade temple guards and earn a sweet trip to space camp it can be a tough motto to live by. However, listening to the one-and-only Olmec from Nickelodeon‘s Legends of the Hidden Temple fill in for one of The Lion King‘s most beloved characters makes it easy to remember why it’s such a wonderful phrase, even when you’re struggling to put together that stupid Silver Monkey.

In this clip from the latest episode of our Alpha series Talkin’ Toons, host Rob Paulsen was joined by fellow voice actor Dee Bradley Baker to recreate a scene from The Lion King. While Rob read Timon’s part (as Timon himself–go figure!), Baker took over for Pumbaa, but he did it as his old character, the greatest talking rock in history: Olmec from Nick’s classic ’90s game show.

We love watching all of the famous voice actors who sit down with Rob, not just because of how much fun they have doing these mashups, but because it shows how creating a memorable voice is so much more than just what you do with your vocal chords. The facial expressions Baker makes here bringing Olmec to life are just as good as how he speaks.

Now the choice to join our interactive Alpha community is yours and yours alone, but we thought you’d like to know what you’re missing out on. This is just a clip from Talkin’ Toons, which is only one of our many great shows we offer there. We’re so eager for you to get in on the fun that your first month is free.

Even Olmec would tell you that when it comes to joining the community, it rocks.

What other Disney characters would you love to hear Olmec fill in for? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Nickelodeon, Disney

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