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LORD OF THE RINGS Scenes as Read by OVERWATCH and A GOOFY MOVIE Characters

You know Matt Mercer as the super talented D.M. extraordinaire of Geek and Sundry‘s epic, long-running D&D series Critical Role, but when he’s not busy leading the gang on their latest quest he also gives voice to the gunslinging vigilante Jesse McCree in Overwatch. So it only made sense that fellow voice actor and host of our Alpha series Talkin’ Toons Rob Paulsen had Matt on as a guest. What made absolutely no sense, though, were the characters and scene they read together. Which is exactly why it’s so amazing.

In this super strange, super awesome crossover, Matt used his McCree voice to read as Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, and Rob went with his character P.J. Pete from A Goofy Movie to fill in for Frodo.

Yes, this is Overwatch‘s McCree doing Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel from the scene where she gives advice to Frodo about being the ring bearer with Frodo being voiced by P.J. from Goof Troop.

Few sentences in life will ever make less sense, and few will ever be as good.

We obviously know how firsthand how supremely talented Matt is, but we think we might start asking him to read everything around the office as McCree. That voice could make instructions on how to make toast sound riveting.

Remember, this is just a clip from Talkin’ Toons, which means if you aren’t a member of our Alpha community yet you’re missing out on the rest of the show, and so much more.

And as you can see, you never know who will show up there.

What other famous characters from pop culture would you love to hear read as McCree? Can you name a scene that would make less sense for him and Goof Troop’s P.J. to be in together? Give voice to your answers in the comments below.

Featured Image: Blizzard Entertainment/New Line Cinema

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