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SUPERMAN REBORN Will Finally Answer DC REBIRTH Questions

SUPERMAN REBORN Will Finally Answer DC REBIRTH Questions

Welcome comic book fans, to your mid-week edition of Comics Relief! Today we begin with DC announcing that some secrets are going to finally be revealed about the true nature of the Man of Steel in the new Rebirth universe early next year. Read on for all the details!

Superman: Reborn will explore the truth about the DC Rebirth Superman

Ever since DC Rebirth began last May, the biggest question mark has been around the character of Superman. Right before Rebirth began, the New 52 version of Superman died, and in his place, the pre-Flashpoint Superman emerged from hiding and took Kal-El’s place in the world and in the Justice League. But the mysterious Mr. Oz told Superman that he and his family (his wife Lois Lane and son Jonathan Kent) are not exactly what they seem to be, which as far as they know, is refugees from an alternate Earth.

According to DC’s official solicitations for March 2017, a new storyline called “Superman Reborn” will be running through the Superman titles, and  will see the origins of both Supermen explored further, and in a way that reveals neither Kal-El is what they’ve believed themselves to have been. In this story, Mr. Oz, whom most fans believe is really Watchmen’s Ozymandias, will reveal the truth.

In Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s Superman #18, one of Mr. Oz’ prisoners escapes, resulting in the revelation of a “shocking truth” that will rock Clark, Lois and Jon’s world. The crossover then hits Dan Jurgens and Doug Mahnke’s  Action Comics #975, then back to Superman #19, and then finally concluding in Action #976. All I can say is hope there’s no cloning involved. That’s so very Spider-Man. But speaking of Spider-Clones…  [CBR]

Peter David and Mark Bagley will work on a mystery Spider-Man title for 2017

It seems Marvel Comics just stealthily announced an upcoming Spider-Man title, and it looks to be coming from the all-star creative team of writer Peter David (Incredible Hulk, X-Factor) and artist Mark Bagley, who drew over 100 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man for writer Brian Michael Bendis. The publisher teased a new ongoing comic would be coming out of the currently running Clone Conspiracy storyline, and this looks to be it.

In the recently released The Clone Conspiracy: Omega solicit, it included the following phrase when teasing the new title: “the next big Spider-Book by Peter David & Mark Bagley.” Since we are still a few issues away from the conclusion of Clone Conspiracy, Marvel doesn’t all together ready to announce what this book is, but the popular theory is this will be the return of Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, also known as the Spider-Clone. The character recently returned to life as part of this latest event, once again proof that the ’90s are back in full force. Hopefully, Ben Reilly 2.0 will have a better costume than just a hoodie. Because that costume was weak. [Comics Beat]

New Power Rangers movie will get a graphic novel sequel weeks after the movie hits

The Power Rangers reboot is hitting movie theater screens in March, but fans who are waiting for a proper follow up won’t have to wait long. Publisher BOOM! Studios will release a new OGN called Saban’s Power Rangers: Aftershock, which is due to hit on March 29, and which will pick up where the movie leaves off.

Aftershock will be written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Lucas Werneck, and the graphic novel will come in at 96 pages and retail for $14.99. It will come with a movie cover as well as a variant cover by artist Greg Smallwood. You can see Smallwood’s cover for the new graphic novel above. [Bleeding Cool]

Valiant Comics’ X-O Manowar to go metal for rare variant cover

Here’s more  proof that we really are living the ’90s all over again. Publisher Valiant Comics have revealed that their upcoming relaunch of X-O Manowar will receive an exclusive variant cover printed on an aluminum metal sheet for its new #1 issue. The cover is being created by artist Monika Palosz, and the variant for the first issue of Valiant’s new ongoing series will come printed via a special process.

Every comic book shop that orders 500 copies or more of X-O Manowar will receive only one copy of the brushed-metal variant, so this cover will be exceedingly rare. Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani said in a statement “As a publisher, Valiant is always looking for new ways to engage fans and retailers. The new X-O Manowar #1 is a milestone moment for Valiant and our biggest character, and we knew we had to put as much magnitude behind it as possible to ensure this series’ place as a centerpiece of the industry in 2017.” The new series by Matt Kindt and artist Tomas Giorello arrives on March 22. [CBR]

John Wick comic series coming from Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment has just announced that it has made a deal with Lionsgate Films  to publish a comic book series inspired by the studio’s popular John Wick movie and its  upcoming sequel starring Keanu Reeves, about a hitman who comes out of retirement on a mission of vengeance.
“John Wick was such an exciting film, mixing martial arts action with snappy dialogue and smart writing,” says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. “As the credits rolled, you were left wanting more, and it was obvious that they had the makings of a franchise. We were quick to pursue the opportunity to develop a comic book series, and are thrilled to have been granted the rights to tell all-new stories with the character!”
“A comic series is the perfect vehicle to engage in a different way with fans as well as expand the John Wick universe. We found a great partner in industry leader Dynamite Entertainment who shared our passion and enthusiasm for the franchise,” says Sheila Clarke, SVP Global Consumer Products Lionsgate Entertainment. Dynamite Entertainment will introduce all-new comics starring John Wick in 2017, with details on release date and creative team to be announced in the coming months. You can see early concept sketches for the new comic above.

Marvel to celebrate Star Wars’ 40th anniversary in style

Believe it or not, but next year the Star Wars franchise celebrates its 40th anniversary. Marvel Comics is all set to celebrate the big event in 2017 by publishing 48 special edition variant covers, each highlighting scenes from A New Hope. The covers will receive a new logo and border treatment which include a 40th-anniversary branding and images. You can see some of the first released images of the themed variant covers in our gallery below. [CBR]

Which one do you like best so far? Let us know in comments.

Images: DC Comics / Marvel Comics / Valiant Comics / Dynamite Entertainment / BOOM! Studios


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