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The 6 Things We Want to See in the X-FILES 6-Episode Return

By now, we’ve all wrapped our brains around the fact that The X-Files will be making its triumphant return to TV sometime in the foreseeable future. Thus we are able to now dedicate some brain bandwidth to the possibilities for what may be in store. What classic characters might make an appearance? What will the plot points and storylines be? Will we get to see Mulder and Scully cuddle once more?! Here’s 6 things I Want To Believe we will see!


1. Monster of the Week episodes

Sure, we all loved alien conspiracy stuff (known officially as “the mythology episodes”) that ran through the show till the very end, but the strength of the X-Files really lies in the beloved MOTW (Monster of the Week) episodes. They were weird and wonderful weekly breathers from the mythology stuff, often fun homages to horror and sci-fi cinema/TV that inspired the writers (See: S01E07 “Ice” inspired by The Thing). And honestly, with just dipping their toe in the Black Oil with 6 episodes, I’m not sure how much Chris Carter & Co. will really be able to dive back into the mythology stuff (here’s hoping this is just the beginning of more X-Files seasons, movies, etc.). Though in Carter we trust…that is when we’re not busy TRUSTING NO ONE. We also trust in Vince Gilligan and James Wong and some of the show’s other then unknown but now very known scribes who will hopefully make cameos in the writer’s room.

Carter had this to say to The Guardian about the show’s return: “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these stories.” Perhaps it’s wishful thinking but I take that as a hint for more MOTW episodes!


2. The Lone Gunmen return from the dead

We know one thing for certain: stars David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson are confirmed to return. There are already rumors about other series’ stars such as Mitch Pileggi (FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner) though he himself tweeted “Whether I will be in it remains to be seen.” But there is one trio of uber-nerdy, hacker conspiracy theorists I absolutely want to see be resurrected; The Lone Gunmen!

A bit tricky considering they were…spoiler alert…killed off in the episode “Jump The Shark” in the final season, sacrificing themselves in a harrowing attempt to thwart a bio-terrorist. Though Byers, Frohike and Langly did return in various forms — once as ghosts, appearing to Mulder in the final episode “The Truth” — they were also brought back to life in comic book form, as it was revealed that The Lone Gunmen were still alive, faking their deaths and going underground with the help of the FBI to aid the US government. It’s TBD what will be considered canon (those two appearances kind of contradict themselves), but whether it be as Jedi-like spirits or flesh and blood, Ramones-shirt wearing freedom fighters, I want to see The Lone Gunmen back! As for The Smoking Man, he’s probably still dead.


3. The old opening credits with Mark Snow’s score

While this very well done fan-made, TRUE DETECTIVE-inspired modern take on the opening credits is tempting (and amazing…I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times), it just wouldn’t be the same X-Files without the iconic ’90s opening credit sequence set to Mark Snow’s equally iconic theme. Hey, after all ’90s throwback stuff is in!

Every Friday night at 9:00pm, when those video graphics started to dilate my eyes and that whistley score started to pierce my ear holes, I knew whatever I was about to see, it was going to be worth not having friends. To this day, it still gives me chills and raises the hair on my arms, as if I were a shrinking white floaty guy falling into a big neon blue handprint gripping me for the next 45 minutes.


4. Jeans & Pantsuits

Because I agree with Sister Wife Matthew Mira that Mr. David “Denim” Duchovny looks damn handsome in a nice pair of jeans (Exhibit A). Equally, Miss Gillian Anderson looks lovely in a stylish pantsuit with a flattering and feminine yet fierce flair. Shoulder pads optional.


5. Smooches & Snuggles

This one speaks for itself. Every X-Files fan is familiar with the infamous and well-crafted sexual tension between Mulder & Scully, which lingered throughout the show and was so palpable at times that you could cut it with an alien plasma ray. It was even nodded to a number of times in the media including the famous Rolling Stone cover.

The long running question in the show was “When are they going to kiss?!”, which was finally answered in S06E03 “Triangle” aka “The Time Travel Episode” — a cute gimmick which allowed Mulder the Dirty Jerry to kiss a Scully who wasn’t really Scully but an alternate universe WWII-era Scully. The show of course finally gave fans what they wanted in S07E04 “Millennium” (Duchovny’s final full season) when the Fox laid one on the sci-fi siren after the ball dropped on Y2K and the world didn’t melt…but our hearts did. There were of course other lip locking moments, including some both smooching AND snuggling action on the big screen in 2008’s I Want To Believe, which carried the original, lengthier title of I Want To Believe We’ll See Mulder & Scully Smooch And Snuggle.

But there are questions needing to be answered! Have they managed to keep the flames burning bright in the 7-years-since?! Did she make him give up the porn?! Is Mulder rocking the beard again or did Scully make him shave it?! Who is the big spoon?! All these questions must be answered!


6. An after show

Talking Fed with Chris Hardwick. Because why not?

What about you X-Files fans?! Any characters, story lines or fashion choices you’d like to see come back? 

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  1. Doozer says:

    Hardwick should be a character in the show and Kumail Nanjiani should run the after show program.

  2. kate says:

    OMG Talking Fed needs to happen. PLEASE!!

  3. Ramos says:

    I want to see a pissed off teenage boy named Will show up on Scully’s doorstep.  After breaking into the local parish adoption registry, Will tracked down his birth mother and wants to know why… 

  4. Adventureless_Hero says:

    Is wishing for more wishes allowed? I’d want to see more than 6 episodes! There are just too many loose ends to be covered as well as a number of Monsters of the Week potentials to just have 6 episodes! #greedyfan

  5. Tucker says:

     Hardwick is great for starting the hashtag #XFiles2015 with Gillian Anderson on the Nerdist podcast, but Hardwick needs to be in an episode!!!! #HardwickOnXFiles2015 And no disrespect to THE NERDIST, but I thimk Kumail Nanjiani should spearhead Talking Fed, #Kumail4TalkingFed2015

  6. shannon says:

    I’d like to see about their  son

  7. bellis_navidad says:

    Talking Fed …. OMG please make that happen

  8. Beth says:

    I read the first one of the “Season 10” comics and IIRC, Smoking Man is still alive. I think, since Carter had a hand in it, that the comic should be canon, and they should throw some of it into these six episodes to cover it for those who haven’t read any of the comics. And if they only get six episodes – with no mention of future X-Files projects – they should do something with the baby William story because they really mucked it up in the original series. He’d be what, 13 now? We were left with the impression he was slightly telekinetic/alien, and he’s hitting puberty. That could make for an interesting/entertaining parent/long-lost child/Mulder & Son bonding story.

  9. Kelly says: