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X-MEN: PRIME Ushers in a New Era for Marvel’s Mutants

X-MEN: PRIME Ushers in a New Era for Marvel’s Mutants

We’ve got a ton of Marvel Comics news in this, your weekend edition of Comics Relief! Aside from all the Marvel news, we also have the scoop on a major indie publisher getting in on the superhero shared universe, plus more comics announcements. Read on for all the details!

Marvel Begins X-Men’s ResurrXion with X-Men: Prime

With the titles and creative teams announced now for the X-Men RessurXion run (see our item down below for the final one), Marvel has announced that—in order to get the entire Mutant Renaissance going—they are releasing a one-shot special called X-Men: Prime. The name itself calls back to the team’s heyday, as X-Men: Prime was also the special that relaunched the team after Age of Apocalypse in 1995.

X-Editor Daniel Ketchum said, “ResurrXion is all about embracing the [X-Men’s] original dream of coexisting with humans and fighting together to make a better world. All the books in some way, shape, or form, embrace that idea. We’re going to get back to flights, and tights, and capes, and all the classic X-Men tropes. We very much want to harken back to that era where it’s the most classic iteration of the X-Men.”

One tidbit Ketchum dropped in the X-Men: Prime announcement was that the X-Men: Blue team—which features the original five members—would add another female to the team. Considering that former X-23 and current Wolverine Laura Kinney is on the cover, I’d say she is a good bet to join the gang. For more from Ketchum on X-Men: Prime, plus sketches of the team’s new/old costumes, click on the following link: [Entertainment Weekly]

New Ongoing Cable Series Announces Creative Team

The last X-Men: ResurrXion title to get their creative team announced was the new Cable series, but this week Marvel finally gave us the details. The new book will be coming from writer James Robinson, who wrote Cable for a stint in the ’90s, along with artist Carlos Pacheco. The new ongoing series will focus on Cable as a time jumping warrior. You can see preview artwork for the new series above.

According to Robinson, “Time travel is part of his make-up in almost every aspect of his history — no pun intended. This series will be Cable on a race against time to fix time. The reason Cable must take on this quest will reveal itself as the story and mystery unfolds, but he’s doing it for the sake of the Marvel Universe, which will fall apart if he doesn’t take action.” For more on the new Cable book, click on the following link: [Marvel]

Fantagraphics Gets in the Superhero Game with All Time Comics

For decades, publisher Fantagraphics was the ultimate anti-mainstream comics publisher. Home of such notable works as Love and Rockets and Eightball, you couldn’t find a cape and tights anywhere near a Fantagraphics logo. That changes in 2017 though, as the indie publisher has announced plans to launch a line of superhero books under the banner All Time Comics.

The new line was started by alternative cartoonist and writer Josh Bayer, created with his brother Samuel Bayer (director behind music videos like Nirvana classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the not-so-classic remake of A Nightmare on Elm. St).

The All Time line will have six individual but interconnected superhero stories featuring both veteran mainstream artists and some lesser known, indie cartoonists. The series launches this spring with Crime Destroyer #1, (for which you can see a teaser image for above), featuring the last art of longtime Incredible Hulk artist Herb Trimpe who passed away last year. All Time Comics begins in March from Fantagraphics. For more info on the new line, be sure to click here: [CBR]

New Iron Fist Series Debuts Ahead of Netflix Show

In anticipation of Danny Rand’s upcoming Netflix debut, Marvel has announced plans for a new Iron Fist ongoing series, from writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Perkins. The new series will debut in March and pick up where the Kaare Andrews 2015 Iron Fist: The Living Weapon series left off.

Brisson said in a statement, “Danny’s in a weird place. He’s questioning who he is and he’s pushing himself. He’s a person filled with self-doubt, but he’s always going to have his sense of humor about him — even if he’s using it to cover his own pain. He’s an outsider who’s always trying to fit in, trying to find a place where he belongs.”

Iron Fist will continue to star in the Power Man and Iron Fist series, and will also take center stage in another title, Iron Fists, by Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan. The new Iron First hits in March, and you can see a teaser for issue #1 above. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Archie Comics Teases a Baltazar and Franco “Tiny Archie” Series

Maybe as a way of cosmically balancing out the dark and sexy version of Archie, Jughead, and friends heading to the CW next year in Riverdale, publisher Archie Comics is now teasing an even more wholesome version of their flagship characters. Archie Comics has posted a teaser image to their Facebook page featuring the outline of what looks like a tiny Archie Andrews and the words “Baltazar. Franco. LITTLE.”

Looks like the creators of Tiny Titans and Itty Bitty Hellboy Art Baltazar and Franco are coming out with a cute kid version of Archie and friends. The image features the heading “March, 2017”, so it looks like we won’t have to wait long for this one. You can see the new teaser image above. [CBR]

R.L. Stine’s Writing Man-Thing for Marvel

If you guessed that Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine‘s upcoming work for Marvel was going to be centered around a monster type character, then you get a cookie and a gold star, as the publisher has announced R.L. Stine as the new writer behind their upcoming Man-Thing series, a five-issue miniseries featuring the fearsome swamp beast.

Artist German Peralta will partner on the miniseries, and Stine will write the backup stories, which will have a new artist for each issue. The main story of the series will revolve around Ted’s attempt to escape his fate as the Man-Thing for good. For the full scoop on this new series, check out our full story right here: [Nerdist]

Wonder Woman/Bionic Woman Series Gets Cool New Variant Covers

And finally, this week saw the release of Wonder Woman ’77 Meets the Bionic Woman from Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics. (You can read our review of issue #1 right here). The series had no shortage of artists who wanted to contribute art for the historic meeting of these feminist icons, and several produced covers for various retailer exclusives, including ’90s Catwoman artist Jim Balent, Ben Caldwell, Mike McKone, Dan Parent, Andrew Pepoy, and J Bone. You can see each of the covers down below in our gallery. [Bleeding Cool]

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / Dynamite Entertainment / Archie Comics / Fantagraphics


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